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How to Draw a Female Face

how to draw a female face

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a female face. We will try to tell you about all the nuances of drawing a female face.

As we have said repeatedly in our previous articles, all human faces are drawn in approximately the same way. The difference lies in the details.

It is from the details that a person’s appearance consists, and it is thanks to some features that we distinguish some people from others. And undoubtedly, nature has made it so that the female face and the male face have their own characteristics. In this female face drawing tutorial, we will look at these characteristics and nuances in detail.

So let’s get down to the tutorial on how to draw a female face.


Step 1

In order to draw a female face, and not be mistaken in the proportions, you first need to outline the basic shapes. The human head is basically an inverted egg. Sketch this geometric shape using barely visible lines.

To check the proportionality of the drawing, you can look at it in the mirror from time to time. The mirror reflection of your female face drawing will show you all the mistakes at once.

how to draw a female face

Step 2

Now sketch out a vertical line running exactly through the center of the face. This line will help us not to be mistaken in the proportions of the face. Now draw a horizontal line for the eyes.

Mark the borders of the eyes on this line. Their width is approximately equal to the distance between them. About the middle between the line of the eyes and the chin, sketch the line of the nose. Draw the line of the mouth just below.

how to draw a face step by step

Step 3

Now let’s start detailing the female face drawing. Start with the eyes, carefully drawing them using the guidelines drawn above. When drawing the eyes, be sure to outline the lacrimal caruncles. This will give your female face drawing more realism and persuasiveness.

how to draw a female step by step

Step 4

Now carefully draw the inner lines of the lower eyelids. Don’t forget that the eyelids have a thickness, and by showing that thickness in your drawing, you give it a more natural look. Just above the eyes, draw folds. These are the visible outlines of the sockets in which the eyes are located.

how to draw a female face step by step

Step 5

Now it’s time to draw the pupils and irises of the eyes. Start by sketching out the outlines of the irises. The upper parts of the irises should be slightly covered by the upper eyelids. Next, draw the pupils exactly in the center of the irises. The irises, as well as the pupils, must be perfectly round.

how to draw a face

Step 6

Using dark lines draw the upper lashes. Don’t draw the lower lashes. They are too small and light, and almost invisible on the face. Draw eyebrows just above the eyes. In the tradition of drawing, it has developed so that when artists draw a female face, they make the eyelashes thicker and the eyebrows higher than when they draw a man’s face.

how to draw a female

Step 7

Now, being guided the line sketched earlier, draw the nose. Start at the tip of the nose, then smoothly draw the wings and the bridge of the nose. Another difference in drawing a female face is that a female nose is drawn slightly smaller than a male.

how to draw a female face

Step 8

Draw the lips. First of all, draw the center line of the mouth, using the guideline sketched earlier. Now with smooth lines draw out the outlines of the upper lip, and then the lower one. Another difference in drawing a female and a male face is that female lips are usually drawn plumper than males.

how to draw a female face

Step 9

Draw the ears with smooth lines. The upper tips of the ears are flush with the eyebrows and the lower tips are flush with the tip of the nose. Next, draw the outlines of the jaw. To check if your drawing of a female face is proportional, you can not only look at it through a mirror but also move away from it a short distance.

how to draw a female face step by step

Step 10

Draw the outlines of the hair on the head. Use numerous long lines to draw the texture of the hair. Pay special attention to the hairline. There should be slightly more lines in this place than on the rest of the hair. The distance from the hairline to the bridge of the nose is equal to the distance from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose.

how to draw a female face step by step easy

Step 11

Now erase all unnecessary guidelines from your drawing of the female face. To give the drawing a more voluminous look, make the details that are closer to us a little more contrasting than those that are a little further from us. This will give the female face drawing a sense of volume and realism.

how to draw a female face step by step

Step 12

Draw the visible part of the bun behind the head. Add more light lines in the direction of hair growth to create a realistic hair texture. Here you can add some additional details that are not in our female face drawing, for example, earrings, moles, etc.

how to draw a female face for beginners

Step 13

To make the female face drawing more lively and voluminous, you need to draw shadows. Using hatching, start drawing shadows from the darkest areas, gradually moving to lighter ones. Don’t forget to darken the pupils, leaving round highlights in them. This will liven up the glance.

how to draw a female face

To consolidate your knowledge gained in this female face drawing tutorial, try some drawing exercises.

First, try drawing a similar face, but with different features. Try to make the girl younger or older. Try drawing interesting details on her face.

Next, try drawing a female face from a slightly different angle and under slightly different lighting.

All these actions will help not only to consolidate your knowledge gained in this female face drawing tutorial but also make it possible to draw more diverse faces that are not tied to our example.


  1. Great tutorial! I will try to draw some celebrity with this method to practice

  2. great my drawing was near to perfect on my first go ,,,,thanks to this tutorial.

  3. Can you sort of do an easier version of the face without the guidelines?

  4. I’m doing C!Niki Nihachu with this face!
    It was really fun and useful!

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