How to Draw Lips

how to draw lips

In this basic drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw lips. This drawing lesson is extremely useful not only if you want to learn how to draw lips, but also the face in general.

In order to learn how to draw lips, you should at least in general terms know the anatomy of the mouth. This is important in order to be able to accurately draw lips by understanding the structure, and not just copy the outer contour.

We also advise you to study the rules of light and shadow as well as the rules of perspective. This is important in order to understand how to draw objects in space, to give them the most voluminous look.

So let’s get down to the tutorial on how to draw lips.


Step 1

To draw a mouth without mistakes in proportions, you must first draw the guidelines. First, draw a vertical line that runs through the center of the face, then draw a horizontal guideline.

how to draw lips from the front

Step 2

Depict the outlines of the upper and lower lips using very light lines. Here it is necessary to outline the volume and general shape of the lips with very rough and general lines, without trying to draw details.

how to draw boy lips

Step 3

Now with more accurate and finishing lines draw out the outlines of the upper lip, guided by the guidelines from the previous step. To check proportionality, you can look at your drawing through a mirror.

how to draw male lips

Step 4

Now, using the guidelines from the previous steps, draw the lower edge of the upper lip. When drawing such symmetrical details, try to constantly compare the left and right sides and sometimes move the drawing away from you so as not to be mistaken in proportions.

how to draw realistic lips

Step 5

Using accurate and finishing lines draw the lower lip. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all people are different, and their lips have different shapes. In our example, we show a certain formula with which you can draw any lips, just slightly changing the shape of the lines.

Lips drawing tutorial

Step 6

Now erase all unnecessary guidelines from your lips drawing for a more complete and clean look. In addition, you can add some details, such as folds on the lips.

Lips drawing

Step 7

Now with the help of hatching depict shadows, taking into account the shape of the lips and the rules of light and shadow. To make the shadows darker, add additional hatch layers.

how to draw lips step by step

Step 8

Compare your lips drawing with our example to find mistakes and correct them if they are. You can also try adding details such as folds on the lips.

how to draw lips

Recall that the lips drawing that you see in our example is a certain general formula. So try drawing lips with a different shape using the steps above. This will help you consolidate the skills you have acquired.

To make your skills more comprehensive, draw the entire face with lips and other details, i.e. the nose, ears, eyes, etc. Each time you draw separately the lips or the whole face, always keep in mind the steps that we have given in this drawing tutorial.

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