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How to Draw a Girl

How to draw a girl

In this drawing tutorial the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw a girl. This guide is very important, because here we will show the basics of drawing a female body. With the help of nine simple steps we will try to show you how to create a realistic girl drawing.


Step 1

In order to draw a girl correctly, we first need to outline her skeleton on which the whole drawing will be built. First, we sketch the head of the girl in the form of an oval tapering downwards. Next we depict the spine on which the chest and pelvis are located. For a figure to be feminine, the shoulders should be visually narrower than the pelvis. Using simple lines, draw arms and legs of the girl, outlining the location of all joints in the form of small circles.

How to draw a girl

Step 2

In order to correctly draw the details of the girl’s face, we must first mark the lines of symmetry of the face. These two lines should intersect exactly in the center of the face, in the area of nose bridge. Next, we sketch out the neck in the form of a cylinder. Using very smooth lines, draw the girl’s torso, which should taper at the waist and expand at the hips.

How to draw a girl easy

Step 3

In the third step, we will finish adding volume to the drawing of a girl. Sketch the girl’s arms in the form of narrow cylinders, and the joints in the form of ordinary circles. Using rough lines, sketch out the hands. Next, sketch the legs with slightly modified cylinders. Please note that the legs should expand in the hips and taper in the knees.

How to draw a girl step by step

Step 4

Now we need to draw the most basic details using fairly rough lines. Let’s start with the head of the girl, drawing the eyes and brows. Then sketch the neat nose and plump lips using the intersecting lines from step number two. Next we add the eyebrows and hair, the shape of which can be changed if you want. Using very smooth lines, sketch the clothes and draw the fingers.

How to draw a girl body

Step 5

The basis of the girl drawing ready, and now we will carefully draw out the details gradually removing unnecessary guidelines. We start with the head and draw out the facial features. Circle the eyes, draw the dark eyelashes and pupils. Then draw out the nose and plump lips. Next, using long lines, draw the texture of the hair on the head.

Girl body drawing

Step 6

Using very smooth lines gently circle the torso lines. We drew the girl in a free topic, but you can draw any other type of clothing. Draw folds in the area of compression and stretching of the fabric and remove all unnecessary guidelines from the torso.

Sketches of girls

Step 7

Use flowing lines to circle the arms. Keep in mind that they should taper slightly at the elbows and wrists. Next, draw out the hands, carefully drawing the fingers and marking the nails and knuckles. By the way, to learn more about this process, visit our instruction about how to draw hands.

Girl drawing easy

Step 8

Now it’s time to draw the girl’s legs. Using very smooth and lines draw out the legs, taking into account all the curves we talked about above. Next, draw the feet and toes, if you draw a girl in an open shoe. Draw out the details of the pants, such as pockets, zip and button. Do not forget to add some folds like in our drawing below.

Girl drawing

Step 9

In order for your girl drawing to look natural and complete, we must draw the shadows. First, with very light lines, we outline the location of the shadows, and then with the help of dense and uniform shading, we shade the outlined areas. To make individual areas even darker, just add another layer of hatching.

How to draw a girl

So, the tutorial about how to draw a girl is complete, but we want to give you some more important tips. To raise your level of drawing the female body, try to draw a girl several times using our drawing guide. Next, try to draw any other girl using the knowledge that you learned from this article. Try to depict a girl in different poses and from different angles in order to comprehend all the principles of drawing a female figure.

How to draw girls

Above, we placed a girl we drew in this instruction next to the other two girls. As you can see, they are different, but at the same time they have a number of differences. All the principles of drawing a person are about the same, regardless of who we draw, all the difference is in the details. Try to study all the details and try to repeat on paper what you see before your eyes.

When you draw a person is very important to be able to draw the body and clothes. These are two important components that make up a full-fledged drawing. Try to repeat the drawings below using the steps that you saw above.

How to draw girls step by step

And in order to learn how to draw even better, visit our other articles, for example about a man or a sporty girl, and subscribe to us on social networks, so as not to miss the new articles and instructions that come out every day.


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  2. For the people who left the mean or not nice remarks: The tutorial was great. The face was great too. There are different styles of drawing. Just because it isn’t “realistic” doesn’t mean it is ugly. It could be more of a cartoon kind of picture. You wanna know something, art isn’t about perfection. That is the whole fun of it. Creating something you want. It could be abstract; it could be nice clean and realistic. So stop dissing people’s art skills because art is art, not perfection. Saying stuff like “Ewww ugly face I don’t think u r a professional” Umm, you never know what someone is going through. WHat if this person was in a dark place and that little comment pushed them over the edge? Saying stff like, “weird face i ment it is discussing” and then responding with, “then it must look like you”? It shouldn’t be that easy to ‘roast’ someone or make them feelbad. Be the person who stands of for what it right. Thank you, that’s all I wanna say. (Btw i am 14 and I know what is right. For the grown people who commented, you should know whats right too. Maybe it was just kids idk. But be nicer, spread love. You only live once.) <3

    1. Thank you.
      In fact, it’s hard to please everyone. In this drawing lesson, we tried to make a fairly realistic girl drawing, but not make the drawing process difficult. As you can see, the physique is realistic and the shadows are moderately realistic. If in this drawing lesson we were trying to make everything too realistic, to achieve perfect shadows and details, then most of the comments under this article would say that “this is too difficult”.
      Of course, we can draw pictures that do not differ from photographs. For example, you can see our more complex illustrations in our articles on composition and light and shadow. And in the future, we will create such complex drawing lessons. But for now, we would like to create drawing lessons for those who still do not know how to draw such complex things.
      As I said above, it’s hard to please everyone. If you learn to walk on water, then a person will appear who will say that “he can’t even swim.”

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