About Drawing For All

Hi all! We are the team behind Drawingforall.net, and on this page we will tell you about who we are and what our mission is.

For a very long time, we wanted to create a site on which we would share our experience and skills with everyone who wants to learn how to draw. And in 2015, we created Drawingforall.net. We have combined artists, anatomists and editors in order to create the most detailed and useful drawing guides.

Our team consists of two founders and main authors, and a large number of consultants, editors and specialists in various fields.

The Team

Stepan Ayvazyan

Stepan Ayvazyan Drawingforall.net
Stepan Ayvazyan

Stepan Ayvazyan is a professional artist who has been involved in art since childhood. He combined self-study in fine art with personal training from the best artists from Eastern Europe.

Over decades of studying fine arts, he mastered such areas as drawing, sculpture, photography, and videography.

In 2015, founded Drawing For All to share his knowledge in the field of fine art.

Andrey Mozhenov

Stepan Ayvazyan
Andrey Mozhenov

Andrey Mozhenov is a general practitioner. In addition to his main specialty, he is also very fond of anatomy and has a small collection of anatomical atlases. Andrey dreams of becoming a professor of anatomy.

in 2015 Andrey was very pleased to join Stepan as an anatomy consultant and author of all anatomical articles on this site. In addition, he is working on the design of this category and the concept of the site.

Andrey and Stepan spend a long time analyzing and planning each lesson in drawing a person, because the ability to work with proportions and knowledge of human anatomy is the most important thing for any artist.

Art for All

The name of this site is not accidental. The main principle of my site is to create drawing tutorials for everyone. Here we create both super simple drawing lessons for the most inexperienced, and very complex and detailed for experienced artists.

Our team constantly publishes new drawing lessons and improves the site. To stay informed about everything that happens on the pages of our website, be sure to subscribe to Drawingforall.net on social networks, and write your wishes and criticism. We are always happy to be in touch with our readers.

More Than Drawing Tutorials

Here, on the pages of DFA, we don’t just show you how to draw, but delve into the very essence of fine art. Our team knows what fine art is, knows all its facets, and will show and tell you step by step, conveying the most complex details in the simplest language.

When drawing, you don’t just copy what you see, but create your own world on a piece of paper, inspired by reality.

All Facets of Fine Art

What is volume? What are light and shadow? What are proportions and linear perspective? On the pages of our website we will not just tell you all this in dry language, but will reveal the whole essence in the most detail.

In addition, art is not only drawing with a pencil and not only basic knowledge. This is a whole world in which hundreds of different genres, styles and trends are combined and intertwined, and our team will open you to this wonderful world of visual arts.

Learn how to draw with Drawingforall.net!