Stepan Ayvazyan

Hello, I’m Stepan Ayvazyan, creator and chief artist of the website. I am a professional artist and have been drawing my whole life.

For a very long time, I wanted to create a site on which I would share my experience and skills with everyone who wants to learn how to draw. And in 2015, I created I have combined artists, anatomists and editors in order to create the most detailed and useful drawing guides.

The name of this site is not accidental. The main principle of my site is to create drawing tutorials for everyone. Here we create both super simple drawing lessons for the most inexperienced, and very complex and detailed for experienced artists.

Our team constantly publishes new drawing lessons and improves the site. To stay informed about everything that happens on the pages of our website, be sure to subscribe to on social networks, and write your wishes and criticism. We are always happy to be in touch with our readers.

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