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How to Draw Wolverine Claw Marks

wolverine clawmarks

Today we have prepared a new drawing tutorial on marvel universe. In one of our previous tutorials, we drew Wolverine claws and in another tutorial, we have shown you how to draw Wolverine. And today we will teach you how to draw Wolverine claw marks. So, let’s start this tutorial!


Step 1

First, sketch out the contours of the edges of the claw marks. Notice, that the edges should be uneven. At this step do not try to draw these marks perfectly. The only thing you need to do is to try to draw the claw marks at the same distance from each other.

how to draw wolverine claw marks

Step 2

Next, using ragged lines draw the protruding edges of the claw marks. Note, that the edges should be very uneven and jagged. In this step, you also should not press down too hard on the pencil. Use smooth and light lines.

how to draw wolverine clawmarks

Step 3

From this step of the guide on how to draw Wolverine claw marks, you should press harder on the pencil. So, darken the lines and erase all unnecessary strokes. The lines should be clean and crisp, as in our example.

how to draw wolverine clawmarks step by step

Step 4

Add volume to the sketch. First, add shadows to the internal parts of the protruding edges along with the claw marks. Then draw the shadows of protruding edges that fall to the surface. Shadows should be drawn using light hatching.

how to draw claw marks

Step 5

Further, darken all the lines and edges on the sketch. After that darken the shadows and add texture to the surface. To add the same texture as in our example, turn the pencil flat and draw shadows using the side of the pencil lead. By the way, if you like Marvel universe and Wolverine we recommend you to visit our tutorials on how to draw Wolverine’s head and how to draw the original Wolverine.

wolverine clawmarks

Step 6

You can leave the internal parts of Wolverine claw marks unpainted as in the previous step or paint them as in this step. If you didn’t manage to draw the Wolverine’s claws on the first try, just erase the failed lines and draw again. The more you practice the better you will learn how to draw.

wolverine claw marks drawing

So, it was the tutorial on how to draw Wolverine claw marks step by step. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If this tutorial seems too easy for you, visit our drawing tutorials on how to draw Spider Man’s head or how to draw Ben Reilly. Send us your suggestions in the comments, share this lesson with your friends and subscribe to us on social networks.


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