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How to Draw Wolverine Claws

In this comic drawing tutorial, our team will show you how to draw Wolverine claws. This lesson is essentially a continuation of the Wolverine drawing lesson.
Wolverine is a superhero, samurai, and a man of honor. In one of our previous tutorials, we have learned to draw Wolverine. In another lesson, we learned to draw Wolverine’s head. And today we will learn how to draw Wolverine claws. Wolverine first appeared in 1974 in The Incredible Hulk comic #180. Since then he has been in dozens of different comic books, cartoons, and movies. At various times, the various artists have changed his appearance and claws are also have changed. Below, in the picture, we have presented only a few types of claws.

  1. Classic claws;
  2. Claws from the movie;
  3. Bone claws.

wolverine claws drawing

In this lesson, we will try to show you the most simplified, but at the same time the best way to draw Wolverine’s claws. We will show you, how to draw claws from three different points of view. Train to draw claws from all sides, and you learn to draw them perfectly. So let’s start the tutorial!


Step 1

First, sketch out the contours of the fist. In the first stage, do not try to draw it perfectly. You only need to sketch the general contours. Then using simple lines sketch out the claws. In various versions, the length of the claws can be different.  You can draw them of any length, but the distance between them must be the same.

As mentioned above, we will show how to draw Wolverine claws from three sides, that is, front, back, and side.

how to draw wolverine claws

Step 2

Start to add details. First, outline the fingers and knuckles. Then add volume to the claws. Note that the claws narrow from the place where they come out from the fists to the ends. Also, note that the middle claw visually seems longer than the others.

wolverine claws drawing

Step 3

Now erase the guidelines. Accurately trace the lines of the claws. Make them more smooth and neat. Remember to make sure that the claws are at the same distance from each other. Add some wrinkles and folds of skin to the fists and move to the final step.

how to draw wolverine's claws step by step

Step 4

Now it’s time to add some shadows. You can put contrasting comic book shadows, or smooth and realistic shadows, as in our example. Such shadows are better to add by using hatching. The strokes should be smooth and be at the same distance from each other.

wolverine's claws drawing

In this tutorial, we have shown you how to draw Wolverine claws from three different points of view. But with the help of this lesson, you can draw claws from any position and from any point of view. Exercise in drawing as often as possible, and you will learn drawing as a professional comic book artist.

wolverine claws

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