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How to draw Scorpion

how to draw scorpion

In this Mortal Kombat universe drawing tutorial, the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw Scorpion.

Scorpion is the main enemy of Sub-Zero and probably the most recognizable character of Mortal Kombat universe. He first appeared in Mortal Kombat game in 1992 and was in almost all games of the series. His real name is Hanzo Hasashi and he was killed by Sub-Zero (whose real name Bi-Han).

Scorpion is dressed in a black and yellow ninja suit, his mask hides his naked (sometimes burning) skull. In general, there are many different kinds of Scorpion suits. Today we will draw Scorpion in the suit in which he was dressed in the first Mortal Kombat movie.

So, let’s start the tutorial and learn how to draw Scorpion from Mortal Kombat!


Step 1

As in all our tutorials, we begin with a stickman (a man-made of sticks and circles). It stands in a fairly typical posture. He has taken a fighting stance and is preparing to release the spear from his hand (come here!).

Scorpion’s legs are slightly bent, and the arms are very bent, so now it may seem that they are shorter than necessary. Notice, that in the first steps you should not press down too hard on the pencil. Use light lines and lines for sketching.

how to draw scorpion

Step 2

Now add some volume to the figure (add muscles and flesh to the bones). Sketch out the contours of the body and limbs of Scorpion using the stickman from the previous step.

First, sketch out the torso using a figure similar to a cylinder. After that sketch out the arms and legs using cylinders and draw the knees and elbows using circles. Sketch out the palms. His right palm is opened and the left palm is hidden under the right elbow. Sketch out the feet and move to the next step.

how to draw scorpion step by step

Step 3

Start adding the details to the Scorpion drawing, but first, draw the lines of the facial symmetry. The vertical line divides the face into two parts and will help to find the center of the face and the horizontal line will help to draw the eyes.

Draw the upper part of the kataginu (a traditional samurai vest). It is two strips of fabric that start from the waist, then move over the shoulders, and end in the lower back. Sketch out the arms and arm protectors. Erase the guidelines from the torso and arms.

how to draw scorpion from mortal kombat

Step 4

Draw the legs of Scorpion. First, draw the hanging down part of the kataginu using a rectangle. You need to convey the shape of the legs under the pants, so do not forget to sketch out the thigh muscles and calf muscles. Erase the guidelines from the legs and add some folds of fabric.

how to draw scorpion with a pencil

Step 5

Continue adding details to the Scorpion drawing. Sketch the mask and eyes using the guidelines. Also in this step, add some folds to the suit. Pay attention to the folds of the parts of the suit that are on the torso – these folds are formed due to the bent arms and turn of the torso. After that add folds at the waist, knees, and ankles.

how to draw scorpion from mortal kombat movie

Step 6

Finish adding the details. Start with the head of Scorpion. First, draw the blank and lifeless eyes. Using dark and curved lines draw the eyebrows. Draw the upper part of the nose and add some wrinkles around the eyes.

Using a curved line draws the opening of the mask. Draw the mask that hides the entire lower part of the face.

Then add folds of tissue right under the mask in the area of the neck. After that draw the arms. Then draw the open palm and suit elements that hide the forearm of Scorpion. Draw the seams on the kataginu. Then draw the wide crossed strips of cloth on the shins of Scorpion.

how to draw scorpion step by step

Step 7

Draw shadows to create the illusion of volume on paper. We recommend you add shadows using hatching. At first hatch the dark parts of the suit.

Then determine where the light source is located. In our example, it is in the upper right part of the picture. Once you have identified the source of the light, start to draw shadows in those areas where the light does not fall.

how to draw scorpion

That was a tutorial on how to draw Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you like such complex drawing lessons we recommend you tutorial on how to draw Wolverine. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing tutorials!


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