How to Draw Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider

drawing Scarlet Spider

Hello everybody! Today we present you a new drawing tutorial, in which we will tell you how to draw Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider. As you know, we are talking about a clone of Spider-Man. Ben’s suit is very similar to Peter’s suit, but there are small differences. So let’s start this lesson and learn how to draw Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider.

Step 1

We begin to draw our hero with “stickman” – man made of sticks and circles. We draw it to outline the basic proportions, its position and location on the paper. In the first steps don’t press down too hard on the pencil. Draw this steps using the light and smooth strokes. So, at first we need to sketch the stick figure. First draw an oval, then outline the torso, hands and legs using the lines. First draw an oval, then the lines of the torso, hands and the legs. Do not try to draw these lines perfectly, it just the guidelines, that will be erased in the next steps.

How to Draw Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider

Step 2

In this step, we will  “flesh him out” (build his body). First we need to draw the lines of facial symmetry. The vertical line will divide the face into two equal parts, and the horizontal line will show us the position of the eyes. Focusing on the lines from the previous steps we sketch the body. First by using round figures outline the shoulders, then using the cylinders we outline the hands. Next, draw the contours of the body, it narrows slightly downwards. Legs also consists of a cylinders, however, part of the knee to the foot has a characteristic bend, forming the shape of the calf muscles. Outline feet by using the elongated figures, and move to the next step.

How to Draw Ben Reilly

Step 3

In the previous step, we have outlined the eye line, now it’s time to use it. Draw the eyes. Their shape is well recognizable, they look like triangles, one side of which is smooth and slightly bent.

How to Draw Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider

Step 4

Erase all the guidelines from the face. Draw the convex parts of the face on the mask. The place where the nose, eyebrows and cheekbones. Draw the right shape of the head as in our example.

How to Draw comics hero

Step 5

From this step begins the differences between the Scarlet Spider and the Spider-Man. In this step we will draw a hoodie. First draw the line of the hood. Then draw a torn sleeves and draw the bottom line of the hoodie.

How to Draw Scarlet Spider step by step


Step 6

In this step we will finish the hoodie. Make the lines smoother and darker. At the bottom line of the hoodie and near the shoulders contours have to be torn. In this same step draw the spider on the chest (note that it is located diagonally). Add some folds and move to the next step.

How to Draw Ben Reilly step by step

Step 7

In the second step we drew the contours of hands. If in that step everything was done right, the current stage will not be difficult, because all you need to do now – trace the lines from the second step and add some details. Pay special attention to the fingers, it is fairly difficult to draw them correctly. By the way, there is a good way to detect errors and inaccuracies in the proportions – you can take your sketch and go with it to the mirror. In a mirror image, you will immediately notice all inaccuracies.

How to Draw Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider step by step

Step 8

And we continue our tutorial on how to draw Scarlet Spider step by step. Erase all the guidelines from the hands and draw web shooters. Add some lines of of muscles and move to the next step.

How to Draw the Scarlet Spider

Step 9

In this step we draw the lower part of the body. Do it in the same way as in the previous steps. Erase all the  remaining guidelines and add details to the legs. First, draw a belt. By using the clear and confident lines trace the contours of the legs. Trace the feet and draw the….

How to Draw Ben Reilly

Step 10

Now we need to add the shadows the classic marvel way, as we did in the tutorial how to draw Wolverine. They contrast, occupy a large area and are similar to black spots. These shadows we draw in two steps – outline the contours of the shadows and then paint over it.


drawing Scarlet Spider

Today we learned to draw Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Ahead you will find many interesting and informative lessons on the Marvel Universe.  Tell your friends about us and stay tuned.

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