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How to Draw Wolverine

how to draw wolverine

This tutorial will focus on how to draw Wolverine – one of the most charismatic and famous superheroes in the Marvel universe.
He is a member of the X-Men team, a real samurai, a charismatic and cruel mutant who seems to have overcome all adversity and went through all possible troubles.

This tutorial will be especially useful for those who have already drawn superheroes but want to learn how to draw them more professionally. We’ve chosen the most recognizable and classic look of this character from the comics.

So, let’s proceed to the instruction and find out how to draw Wolverine!


Step 1

Before you start drawing, you need to take a look at the shapes. As we already mentioned, our Wolverine is drawn in the classic Marvel way, which is distinguished by anatomically correct and realistic proportions. So, first, mark the position and pose of Wolverine with the help of lines and ovals. Sketch the head and fists with ovals. Using lines sketch the arms, legs, and torso.

how to draw wolverine

Step 2

Now outline the silhouette. Using circles sketch the knees, fists, and shoulders. Using ovals and cylinders sketch out the arms and legs. Also in this stage, sketch the claws and protruding parts of the mask. The mask lines should be noticeably darker and sharper than any previously drawn shapes.

how to draw wolverine step by step

Step 3

Finish portraying Wolverine’s head. Using the horizontal guideline from the very beginning of the tutorial draw the eyes. Draw the mask in detail and erase the construction lines. Draw the mouth and clenched teeth. Don’t forget to add wrinkles.

wolverine pencile drawing

Step 4

Draw the body of Wolverine. Depict the pectoral muscles and abs. Erase all the guidelines from the torso and draw black stripes on the suit. By the way, as you noticed, the Wolverine costume is very unusual, it has unusual details and lines. This costume resembles the costumes of wrestlers from the 70s.

wolverine pencil

Step 5

Draw the arms of Wolverine in detail. It should be remembered that the main muscles of the arms are the deltoids, biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles. Next, draw the biceps, triceps, and forearms. Using clear and dark lines, detail the fists and claws of Wolverine.

wolverine art

Step 6

Draw the legs using the guidelines sketched earlier. Use smooth lines to trace the contours of the legs, detailing them and giving a complete look. Erase the remaining guidelines and draw the boots. By the way, do not forget that Wolverine has rather unusual boots, repeating the ears on the mask.

wolverine drawings

Step 7

We have come to the end of the tutorial on how to draw Wolverine. Add shadows and paint in the black details of the costume. Please note that all shadows in this drawing are in the classic comic style. To create shadows like in our example, you first need to draw the outlines of the shadows and then fill them with hatching. The hair on the arms should be drawn with fine hatching.

how to draw wolverine

Today we learned to draw Wolverine. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. By the way, Don’t forget that we have drawing lessons about the other members of team X-Men, for example, Nightcrawler.

We have a huge number of drawing lessons about the Marvel Universe for you. New villains and heroes from this huge universe are constantly appearing on our site, and we will be glad if you join us and learn how to draw superheroes and supervillains.

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