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How to Draw Spider-Man’s Head

spider-man drawing

Today we bring you a new drawing lesson in which we will tell you how to draw Spider-Man’s head. If you coped with the lesson on how to draw Wolverine’s head, then you can cope with this too. To make the Spider-Man head drawing tutorial as simple as possible, we divided it into several simple steps and tried to describe them in as much detail as possible. So, let’s start learning how to draw Spider-Man’s head!


Step 1

As you can see, we are now going to draw the head in a half-turn and slightly tilted down. At this step, the head of the friendly neighbor is shaped like an upside-down asymmetrical egg. To make it easier to make changes and erase guidelines later, use very light lines to perform the first stages.

how to draw Spider-Man's mask

Step 2

Draw the lines of the facial symmetry of Spider-Man. The vertical line divides the face into two parts and shows the center (nose bridge) of Spidey’s face. The second line shows us the place of the eyes. By the way, the facial symmetry lines must also be performed with the least pressure on a pencil.

how to draw Spider-Man's mask step by step

Step 3

So, we continue the instruction on how to draw Spider-Man’s mask. With the help of the guiding lines sketched in the second step draw the Spider-Man’s eyes. You need to give them a characteristic shape as our artists did. In different comics you could see different contours of these very Spider eyes, but we decided to choose the most classic version, similar to the works of John Romita sr.

how to draw Spider-Man's head

Step 4

Erase all the guidelines from Spidey’s head. Make the lines of Spider-Man’s head and eyes darker. To do this, use a darker pencil, marker, or ink. Draw the shoulders of Peter Parker so that the head does not seem to be hanging in the air. Also, do not forget to outline the contours of the nose and jaw under the mask, this will make your drawing of Spider-Man’s head more natural.

how to draw Spider-Man's head step y step

Step 5

From this stage, we will draw the web grid on Spider-man’s mask. From the space between the eyes begin to draw smooth and fine lines that will disperse across the mask, moving to the suit. Try to convey the shape of the head by these lines. In fact, different artists draw a rather different web. Some (such as Todd McFarlane) draw a fine grid, while others (such as John Romita sr.) draw a very large web grid.

how to draw spider-man

Step 6

Now draw the transverse part of the web. If in the previous stage, everything was done right, then you will get a beautiful web. The web pattern should be proportional and square. Try to keep the grid from being disproportionate or too stretched.

spider-man's mask drawing

Step 7

It’s time to draw the shadows so that the drawing of Spider-Man’s head seems voluminous. In our sketch, the light falls from the left side. With this in mind, add the shadows on the right side of the head using simple hatching. Don’t forget to add the cast shadow on the shoulder.

spider-man drawing

That was a drawing guide about how to draw Spider-Man’s mask. Share this superheroic drawing lesson with your friends and subscribe to us on social networks. Look for us on Pinterest, Deviantart, Facebook, and Twitter. There we share with you announcements of upcoming articles and various cool arts from our artists.


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