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How to Draw Motaro

How to Draw Motaro

Hello! Today we’ll show you how to draw a creepy monster from the Mortal Kombat universe. This lesson, as you have seen in the picture in front of the post, will be about Motaro. I’m sure many of you are acquainted with this monster during the passage of the good old «Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate».

Motaro also became a character of the eponymous film. Motaro, along with Goro, was the third sub boss, and probably one of the most violent. We all remember how we were breaking gamepads in the battles with this monster. So, let’s start the lesson, and learn how to draw Motarto!


Step 1

Let’s start with a stikman. It should be noted, that the rules of the male body proportions here will apply only until the point where the begins horse body. So, note the features of the figure of a centaur. First we draw the head, using a shape of inverted egg. Draw the lines of the torso and arm (note, that the torso should be slightly curved, to emphasize the haughty posture of Motaro).

By the way, note that the distance from the top of the head of Motaro to the start of horse body is approximately the sum of the lengths of 3 – 3.5 his heads. Line of the arm should be slightly rounded and smooth, the length is slightly longer than the line of the torso.

Now, move to the horse’s part. Note the angle of the spine of horse part- it is not a straight line, like a conventional centaur, the contour of the spine sharply goes down the ground in the direction from the front legs to the tail. The front legs are straight and the back legs are bent. They are bent in the form of letter “S” (as the logo of Superman).

How to Draw Motaro


Step 2

Stikman ready, you can now start adding volume. We will do it in the direction top-down, starting from the head and down to the junction of the human body and the body of horse. At first we sketch lines of the eyes and mouth, draw the curved, rounded horns and using two strokes draw the short, strong neck.

Move to the torso. When you adding volume, you need to focus on lines of stickman. So, draw the massive pectoral muscles and relief of abdominals. On the reverse side draw the contour of the dorsal muscles. Next – arm. It is powerful and muscular, its outlines is formed by next muscle groups (top to bottom):

  • round the deltoid muscle of the arm;
  • upper arm;
  • consisting of the biceps and triceps;
  • forearm;
  • fist.

Forearm sharply narrows as it approaches to the knuckle. The distinctive anatomical feature is a spike in the elbow (do not forget to draw it).

How to Draw Motaro step by step


Step 3

And now let us add volume to the bottom, ie the horse part of the body of Motaro. First draw the torso, and then move to the legs. At first note the position on the body, it is greatly leans downward, as well as narrows towards the tail.

The front legs are very similar to human legs, if we talk about the form, but the dimensions are slightly different. See for yourself – conditional hips look a hair’s breadth, as in humans (for example the narrowing toward the knee, and smooth curves). Shins also have a characteristic bulge in the area of the calf muscles. But the hind legs look quite different. The hind legs look line bent legs of a normal horse.

Motaro Drawing


Step 4

Draw the facial features, using the guidelines from the second step. Now look closer to the main features of the face of Motaro. The eyes and nose are very close to each other. The chin and the forehead are very massive. Ear is pretty small and slightly pointed. By the way, the eye must be very frowning, with overhanging superciliary arch. Do not forget to add some wrinkles to the face.

How to Draw Mortal Kombat


Step 5

Draw the hairstyle of Motaro – short mohawk, which begins just above the forehead and goes down over the neck. Add small strips on the horns, draw the muscular neck. Incidentally, we note that Motaro in the movie “Mortal Kombat 2” had a bristle, if you want to make him bearded, take a look at our tutorial on how to draw a beard. So, if your drawing is similar to our example, go to the next step.

How to Draw Motaro with a pencil


Step 6

Now we turn to the arm of Motaro. It is very solid and muscular, so you have to draw the main groups of muscles of the arm. In order not to get lost in them, we offer you remember the main groups of muscles of arm:

  • Deltoid muscle. It rounded, at the top it’s visually divided into two parts, tapering downwards, forms a shoulder contour;
  • Triceps. Due to the angle it seems that it is small, but this is an illusion. Triceps is on the back side of the arm, his main duty – extension arm. In fact, triceps is the largest muscle of the arm.
  • Biceps. Located on the front of the arm, clearly visible from this perspective. The biceps of Motaro is very large and rounded.
  • The forearm of Motaro is also very large. Due to the area where the spike grows, forearm seems even more voluminous than the arm. But it sharply narrowed in the direction toward the fist

How to Draw


Step 7

Now draw muscles of the torso. From this perspective the biggest muscles are pecs, pay attention to their shape. The next line in the direction of the bottom located below the chest muscles – is a line of obliques. Below the pectorals draw the abbs. Closer to arm is visible the tense and swollen dorsi – outline its contours as in our example.

Motaro drawing lesson


Step 8

Just a short step, here we need to draw the belt fitted on the front of the horse’s body of Motaro. The lines look very complicated, but it isn’t so. Just try to repeat this pattern, using our example.

How to Draw Motaro


Step 9

Draw the front pair of hooves of Motaro. As we have noted, the forms a little like human legs, at least the curves of legs are very similar. The muscles of the thighs, knees and calf muscles, as we see, repeat the form of human legs. But the shin is not narrows as it approaches the bottom, it’s expands, moving into rough massive hooves.

The lines of muscles look very complex and numerous, but it is not so. Using just a couple of strokes, outline the knees. Above the knees draw the lines of thigh muscles, which also consist of a couple of strokes. Below the knee draw the lines of calf muscles. Do not forget to indicate spikes, located near the hooves.

How to Draw Motaro


Step 10

Quite simple step. Here we need to erase the guidelines from the torso of Motaro (more precisely, from the horse part), and sketch out the outer contours of the body. Sketch out the lines on the belly of Motaro. These lines are moving into lines on the tail, which we will draw in the last steps. Another important point – pattern, consisting of long teeth. It lies along the entire length of the body, closer to the spine.

How to Draw Motaro


Step 11

Now draw, perhaps, the most formidable weapon of Motaro – hind legs. Many fans of Mortal Kombat older than 19-20 years will remember, how hard it was to pass this character in Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate. Indeed, dense and aimed blow of hind hooves take off a lot of life.

But we digress. Erase unnecessary guidelines from the hind hooves and draw the outlines of the legs. Inside of the thigh draw a few strokes denoting tense of thigh muscles. Draw the lines of the hooves and spikes on the legs.

How to Draw Motaro


Step 12

Draw one more terrible weapon of Motaro – tail. As with the rear hooves,  tail in the game takes a lot of health. He also can shoot from the tail. In general, it is really terrible weapon.

But the tail is drawn not very complicated. In fact, it is necessary to try to circle the contours of the tail, using smooth and flowing lines. Using short and slightly curved lines draw the patterns on the tail. The lines are getting closer as we approach the end of tail.  At the tip of the tail draw a pointed shape, similar to cutting portion of the arrow. We can say that the form of the tail of Motaro very similar to the classic medieval dragon tails.

How to Draw Motaro


Our lesson on how to draw Motaro, one of the most infernal villains of the universe Motral Mombat ended. If you like Mortal Kombat universe, visit the lessons about Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Reptile. Come to our site for the new drawing lessons, subscribe to our updates in social networks and stay with us in the pages of Drawingforall.net site!

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  1. As leader of Shao’s extermination squads, Motaro proved to the emperor the centaurs’ superiority over the Shokans. During the invasion of Earth, he slew many combatants before they could oppose Shao’s rule. He will slay many more in the battle to come.

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