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How to Draw a Dragon

how to draw a dragon


Welcome to Drawingforall.net, dear artists! Today we will show you how to draw a dragon step by step. There are huge number of illustrations and sketches from a variety of fantasy universes, including Dungeons and Dragons. Our dragon is the most similar to the classic dragon of the medieval epic. So, let’s start the lesson, and learn how to draw a dragon!


Step 1

At first we sketch out the basic proportions of the body of the dragon and his position on the paper. Try to draw this step with minimal pressing on the pencil, so that later it was easier to delete all lines. At first we draw an oval as a guide for the head. Using a long and curved line draw the neck, spine and tail. Sketch out the limbs.

how to draw a dragon


Step 2

At this step let’s add some “flesh” to the drawing of the dragon. Draw a dragon figure, based on the stickman model from the previous step. The front limbs of our hero are very similar to human hands. We can clearly see the deltoids, biceps, triceps and forearms. Hind legs more powerful and fully animal. Fingers should be sharp and long. The neck should be long and powerful.

how to draw dragons


Step 3

Just a small step. We outline the snout. Sketch out the angry eyes. Using curved triangles draw the horns as in our example.

drawing dragons


Step 4

This phase will also be simple. Erase the guidelines from the head. Draw the eye as in our example. Draw the small pupil inside the eye, to create an animal eye. Add some wrinkles in the area of the eyes. The mouth of the Dragon is tightly closed, which is very reminiscent the mouth of a reptile. Add some details to the head and horns. Draw the cheekbone and nostril.

how to draw a dragon step by step


Step 5

Continue our drawing lesson about how to draw a dragon. Now draw the spiked dragon ridge, starting almost from the forehead and going down to the nape. Note that the spikes getting smaller from the head to the neck. Don’t forget to draw the spikes on the cheeks.

drawings of dragons


Step 6

Erase the guidelines from the hands. Circle the lines of the hands as in our example, to make them smooth and clean. Add some lines of the muscles, to make them more sinewy and powerful. Here we draw the neck and chest muscles (by the way, note the similarity of the pectoral muscles of our dragon to human).

how to draw a dragon head


Step 7

We continue lesson on how to draw a dragon. Now add the wavy texture on the face. Draw the teeth, that should be similar to the crocodile’s teeth. Circle the lines of the lower part of the torso. Circle the lines of the lower limbs, to make them smooth and clean. Draw the lines of the muscles on the legs.

how to draw a dragon easy


Step 8

Erase the guidelines from the tail. Draw the lines on the belly of the dragon. Circle the lines of the wings.

drawing of dragons


Step 9

Continue drawing a dragon. On this step, we draw a texture of scale, using short curved lines. It should cover the entire body of the dragon, with the exception of the wings and belly. Add the veins to the wings.

draw dragons


Step 10

So we got to the last step of the tutorial, in which we draw a dragon. Using light and smooth strokes add some shadows. And don’t forget to add casting shadow.

how to draw a dragon


It was the drawing lesson about how to draw a dragon step by step. If this tutorial was interesting and informative for you, subscribe to our updates in Google Plus.


  1. i like how you guys made it so hard and you at least tried and thanks for doing it

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