How to Draw Barbie Step by Step

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How to draw Barbie

Hello dear artists. Who is the most famous doll of all time? Of course it’s Barbie, which is known all over the world. Many of you may have played or are now playing with this doll. And in today’s drawing lesson, we decided to show you how to draw Barbie step by step.


Step 1

Barbie is made taking into account almost all the features of the human body. So let’s draw the skeleton of an ordinary human. Sketch out the head in the form of an oval. A little lower draw the spine, on which the thorax and pelvis are located. Recall that the woman’s pelvis are slightly wider than the shoulders, unlike the pelvis of a man.

how to draw Barbie

Step 2

Draw two lines that intersect at the center of the face, where the bridge of the nose is located. Now draw the neck in the form of a cylinder. Next, outline the torso, which narrows in the waist. Sketch out the arms in the form of cylinders and shoulders in the form of circles. Next draw the legs, which are wide in the hips and taper to the knees.

How to draw Barbie step by step

Step 3

Draw the outlines of hair of our Barbie. Next, outline the eyes, located on the vertical line from the previous step. A little lower we draw a small nose and plump lips. At the end of the step draw the outlines of the dress and shoes.

How to draw Barbie doll

Step 4

Now let’s work with the details. Carefully draw out the outlines of the eyes and pupils. We make the lines of the nose and lips clean and smooth. Remove all unnecessary lines from the face of our doll.

How to draw Barbie step by step

Step 5

Now let’s take care of our Barbie’s hair. Make the outlines of the hairstyle clear, as in our example. Then add long and light lines that will make hair more realistic.

Barbie sketch

Step 6

Removing guidelines draw the torso of our Barbie. Draw a neat collar and add wrinkles to the dress. When drawing a torso, take into account the curves of the body under the clothes.

Barbie drawing pages

Step 7

We continue to draw Barbie. Draw the outlines of the sleeves, add some folds. Make the lines of  the arms clean and neat. And at the end of the step draw out the hands.

Barbie doll sketch

Step 8

Now let’s move on to the lower body of our Barbie. Continuing the lines of the torso draw out the lower part of the dress. Add the necessary creases. Draw the legs as in our example and remove all the remaining guidelines from the Barbie drawing.

Barbie drawing

Step 9

In order to make the drawing more voluminous, we need to add shadows. They are drawn using hatching, and lie in areas where the light does not fall.

How to draw Barbie

So, it was a lesson about how to draw Barbie, and it was made by the artists of DrawingForAll. Let’s remind about our pages in social networks – do not forget to subscribe to not miss a single new lesson.

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