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How to Draw a Zebra Head

How to draw a zebra head

In this lesson, the team of Drawing For All will tell you how to draw a zebra head. By the way, with the help princips and tips that will be shown in thi lesson you can draw not only the head of a zebra, but also the head of an donkey or a horse, since the principles of constructing the heads of these animals are very similar.


Step 1

Take a pencil and make a circle, a line on the circle and another one simple line below the circle. It’s more like a chupa-chups, not a zebra head, but it’s temporary.

How to draw a zebra head

Step 2

In the second step, we sketch out the long muzzle of our zebra and two lines of the neck, as our artists did. The neck tapers smoothly towards the head. The part of the zebra’s face that we are drawing looks like a truncated cone. Don’t try to draw perfectly straight and symmetrical lines.

Learn to draw a zebra head step by step

Step 3

Now draw the eye that should be located on the horizontal line. Add small details such as the ears, nostrils, mouth, and contours of the mane. All facial features of our animal are rather small and rounded. The mane looks like a long, flowing line that runs from the head to the torso.

How to sketch a zebra head step by step

Step 4

Using clear and very smooth lines draw out the outlines of the head and all details. Draw the top of the mane as short vertical shading. Don’t forget about small details such as skin folds and ear rims. Recall that you need to delete all the guidelines drawn by us in the first steps.

How to draw a zebra head step by step

Step 5

Now let’s work with strips. In order not to get confused, we will first draw their outlines. The mane of the zebra is also striped – this is the continuation of the neck strips.

zebra head drawing tutorial

Step 6

Now paint the stripes in solid black and add shadows by hatching. In some places, for example, in the area of the tip of the muzzle, leave some weakly painted areas – areas of light fall.

How to draw a zebra head

If this lesson taught you how to draw a zebra head, then our work was done not in vain. And in general, we try to make the most useful and interesting lessons that can teach anyone to draw, because it’s not in vain that our site is called Drawing for All. If you want even more lessons about animals and not only, share our lessons and tell about us to everyone who is interested in the theme of drawing. This will help make our site more popular, which will have a very positive impact on our ability to work and make new tutorials.


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