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How to Draw Binoculars

How to draw binoculars

Under almost every our drawing lesson, we write our readers to offer their drawing ideas that we could embody in the form of drawing tutorials on Drawingforall.net. There is a subject that probably our readers want to see the most, and we are talking now about binoculars. The drawing lesson about binoculars, as you already can see, is ready. So you just have to scroll down this page a bit to dive into the process of learning how to draw binoculars.


Step 1

All our drawing tutorials begin with the simplest geometric shapes, and what could be simpler than two ovals? So draw the front surface of the lenses as our artists did in the drawing below.

Binoculars drawing

Step 2

Now turn these two simple ovals into two equally simple cylinders. We already got something like a binoculars drawing, right? By the way, do not overdo it with the darkness of the lines to make it easier for us to make changes.

How to draw binoculars

Step 3

Connect the two cylinders that we drew in the second step. Add a small range switch in the form of a circle. The sketch of the magnifying instrument is ready, and starting from the next step, we will use clear and dark lines to draw out the entire binoculars drawing.

How easy to draw a binoculars

Step 4

So, draw out the lines of the binoculars, making them clear and dark. Carefully and in detail, we draw the lenses and all the other details as in our drawing. Remove all the lines that we no longer need. By the way, you can add the texture of the camouflage or add additional details to make your binocular drawing even more interesting.

How to sketch a binoculars

Step 5

So, we are at the finish line of the instructions on how to draw binoculars, in which we will make our drawing more voluminous. To do this, we of course use the shadows that will be applied with the help of the classic hatching lying in places hidden from the light.

How to draw binoculars

As already mentioned, we very often received messages that it would be cool to see a lesson about how to draw binoculars on the pages of Drawingforall.net, and we certainly could not fail to fulfill this request. You can use this guide to draw this item separately, or in the hands of a soldier or a hunter. And of course, do not forget to subscribe to us at Pinterest, Facebook, Deviantart and Twitter to keep up with all our drawing lessons that are published almost every day.

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