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How to Draw Male Eyes

how to draw male eyes

In this drawing tutorial, the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw male eyes step by step.

It should be noted that all people are different, and their eyes can also be very different from each other. There may not be any real differences between male and female eyes, but there are techniques in the drawing tradition that will help you draw male or female eyes more convincingly.

In this lesson on how to draw male eyes, we will show you the whole process of drawing most clearly and fully and tell you about the features of drawing male eyes.


Step 1

As we said, eyes can be very different, but the process of drawing male eyes is absolutely no different from the process of drawing any other eyes. Start by sketching a vertical line that divides the face into two even parts. Next, sketch a horizontal line, which will help avoid confusion in the proportions. It usually goes through the center of the eyes, but here we decided to draw it just below.

how to draw eyes

Step 2

Now draw the upper eyelids with smooth lines. Do not forget to sketch both the outline of the eyelids above the eyes and the outline of the lacrimal caruncles in the central part. To most clearly understand how to draw eyes and know what exactly affects their shape, you can read our article on eye anatomy for artists.

how to draw boy eyes easy

Step 3

Now draw the lower eyelids with the same smooth lines, and to be precise, the outer edges of the lower eyelids. In this step, it is also very important to sketch out the outlines of the lacrimal caruncle so that your drawing of the male eyes will look more natural and convincing in the future.

how to draw male eyes step by step

Step 4

Now draw the inner edges of the lower eyelids with a couple of smooth lines. The eyelids have a thickness that needs to be conveyed in the picture. It is extremely important to draw voluminous eyelids, as we did in our example, in order to achieve the maximum naturalness of the eyes.

how to draw male eyes easy step by step

Step 5

Now let’s draw the pupils. First of all, draw out the outlines of the irises, which are slightly covered by the eyelids above and below. The wider the eye section, the more the irises are visible. Now draw the pupils as two perfect circles. The pupils should be located exactly in the center of the irises.

how to draw male eyes for beginners

Step 6

The eyes are actually balls inside cavities. At this step, we need to draw the outlines of these very eye sockets, visible from under the skin. While drawing all the details and folds, constantly compare the parts with each other to achieve the most correct proportions. Do not forget to erase all construction lines from the male eyes drawing.

how to draw male eyes realistic

Step 8

Add shadows to your drawing of male eyes for more realism and volume. Using hatching very carefully and smoothly shade the pupils, then the irises. Next, sketch out shadows in the darkest areas and gradually move towards lighter ones. Darken the upper lid lines to define the lashes. Erase small circular areas at the junction of the pupils and irises to indicate the highlights.

how to draw male eyes

Do not forget that the eyes are actually balls, which means they must be hatched like balls. You also need to remember that you should not draw each eyelash separately. It will just look very strange and unnatural.

It is also very important to remember that in the lower part of the eyes the light is reflected slightly more intensely than in the upper one, which means that the lower part of the pupil and iris should be made slightly lighter than the upper one.

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