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How to Draw an Interior

How to draw an interior

There is a range of knowledge and skills that are basic for any artist, and knowing how to draw an interior is one of them.

In order to be able to draw an interior correctly, we strongly advise you to read the articles on linear perspective and aerial perspective created by the team of Drawingforall.net. If you already know all about this, then scroll down and start the process of learning how to draw an interior.


Step 1

So, first of all, depict the lines of the corners of the room, which, according to all the laws of perspective, converge at one point. The lines should be very light in order to make it easier to correct them later.

How to draw perspective easy

Step 2

Now depict the front wall of the room using four straight lines. To learn how to draw straight lines correctly, try to depict the entire interior without a ruler.

How to draw perspective

Step 3

Now depict some more straight lines that will also converge at one point. These lines will help us in the next stages by depicting the doors and windows.

How to draw easy

Step 4

Now, using vertical lines, depict doors, and windows, as the artists of Drawingforall.net did in the image below. Do not forget that according to the rules of aerial perspective, the nearest lines should be darker than the distant ones.

Room drawing tutorial

Step 5

Let’s add a few more lines that traditionally converge at the single vanishing point. These lines will further help us depict the sofa on the left and the cabinet on the right.

How to draw an interior easy step by step

Step 6

Using the lines from the previous stage, carefully depict the soft sofa on the left side. Further, using the lines on the right, depict a cabinet standing against the wall.

How to draw an interior easy

Step 7

Now let’s add some details to the room. Depict a cabinet against the front wall and a picture hanging on the wall. Don’t forget to depict the cornice in the upper corner.

Learn how to draw

Step 8

Erase all construction perspective lines and give the interior drawing a clean and complete look. Add details as needed.

How to draw an interior

Step 9

Don’t forget to depict a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, pillows on the sofa, and a vase with a plant on the cabinet. Finish the stage by depicting a long rug on the floor.

How to draw a room

Step 10

Erase any remaining construction lines and give the interior drawing a complete and clean look. If you did everything correctly, then the instruction on how to draw an interior is complete.

How to draw an interior

If you did everything correctly, then the tutorial on how to draw an interior is complete. Compare your artwork and the one created by the artists of Drawingforall.net. If you find any errors, then go back to the stage where the mistake was made and try to fix it.

With the help of the knowledge gained, try to depict your room. Try to depict different interiors using the principles of linear and aerial perspective, and the ability to draw simple geometric shapes such as rectangles and cubes.

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