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How to Draw Warpath

how to draw Warpath

Hello dear artists and comic book lovers. Today we decided to fill up the category “Comics” and made a lesson about how to draw Warpath.


Step 1

So, let’s start with the stickman (skeleton). Sketch out the head of our superhero in the form of an oval. Next, outline a long spine. Now add a thorax and pelvis. Sketch out the arms and widely spaced legs. Use very light, almost invisible lines in the first and second step.

how to draw Warpath

Step 2

Let’s add some volume. Sketch out the intersecting lines on the head. Next sketch out the torso, which is very wide in the shoulders and narrow in the waist. Next sketch out the arms and legs with simple geometric figures. Note that our character is now very similar to a simple mannequin.

how to draw Warpath step by step

Step 3

Let’s work with details. Sketch out long hair. On the face sketch out the eyes, nose and mouth. Using smooth lines connect the geometric shapes from the previous step and form the muscles of our character. Draw the details of clothing as in our example.

how to draw Warpath from marvel

Step 4

The main outlines of Warpath are ready, starting with this step we will work with the details. Using long and slightly curved lines draw out the hair. Next, draw features of the face, such as the eyes, nose and mouth. Then draw out angular contours of the face.

Warpath from x men sketch

Step 5

Get down a bit and draw out the neck. Next, draw the torso, with pectoral and abdominal muscles. Remove all unnecessary additional lines from the torso and draw the eagle pattern as in our example.

learn to draw Warpath step by step

Step 6

Let’s move on to the arms of our superhero. Erasing all the guidelines from the arms draw out the deltoid muscles, biceps, triceps and forearm muscles. Draw out the bandages on the biceps and bracers on the wrists.

how to draw Warpath from x men

Step 7

Now let’s move to the legs of our superhero. Erasing all unnecessary additional lines carefully draw out quadriceps, calf muscles and knees. Add creases and draw shoes with fringe.

Warpath drawing

Step 8

Let’s give Warpath a complete look. To do this we add shadows. Shadows can be drawn either by hatching, as we did in this example and in the lesson about Bishop, or make solid and black shadows, as in the lessons about Spider-Man or Robin.

how to draw Warpath

In this drawing lesson we told you how to draw Warpath from Marvel. What other drawing lessons do you want to see on the pages of our website? Be sure to write your wishes and criticisms here or in our social networks.

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