How to Draw Colossus from X-Men

how to draw Colossus from marvel

Hello everybody and welcome to the drawing tutorial in which we will show you how to draw Colossus from X-Men. As you know, this is a superhero of the Marvel Comics universe. A Russian mutant, a member of the X-Men, and so far the strongest of them is physical.


Step 1

So, despite the fact that our today’s superhero is a mutant, he has a skeleton of an ordinary man. As always, we start with the head, drawing it in the form of an oval. Next, draw the spine with a simple line. Then sketch out the chest and pelvis. At the end of the step we draw the arms and legs with simple lines.

how to draw Colossus

Step 2

Let’s add some “flesh” to our iron bogatyr. First thing first we draw the lines of facial symmetry. Next, outline the neck and torso, which narrows in the waist area. After that we draw arms with simple geometric shapes. Next go down a bit and sketch out the pelvis and legs.

how to draw Colossus from marvel

Step 3

Let’s start working with the details, or rather with the face of our Colossus. On the horizontal line from the last step we draw frowning eyes. A little below draw the nose on the vertical line and the mouth, which is exactly in the middle between the tip of the nose and the line of the chin.

how to draw Colossus from x men

Step 4

In this step we will finish drawing the head of our Colossus. Draw the outlines of the head, forming the line of the skull, cheekbones and chin. Next, draw a line of hair and ears. Add wrinkles on the face as in our example
and move to the next step.

how to draw x men

Step 5

Let’s go down a bit and draw the torso of our X-Men. Erasing the extra guidelines from the first two steps draw out the outlines of the torso, the large pectoral muscles, the lines of the abdominals and the lines of the costume.

learn how to draw Colossus step by step

Step 6

Continue adding details to the body. As well as in the previous step we must carefully draw out the lines of arms erasing unnecessary guidelines. Next draw out the lines of muscles, costume lines on the shoulders and bracers on the wrists.

how to draw Colossus with a pencil

Step 7

In the penultimate step of the lesson on how to draw Colossus we draw the lower part of the body. As well as in the previous step we draw out the lines of the legs and muscles on the legs erasing all remaining guidelines. In the same step draw out the boots and wrinkles on the shorts and boots.

Colossus drawing tutorial

Step 8

So we reached the last step of the lesson on how to draw Colossus from X-Men. This is a very simple step in which we simply draw transverse lines on open areas of the body.

how to draw Colossus from marvel

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