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How to Draw Robin

How to Draw Robin

Kind time of day dear artists. Today we present to you a drawing lesson in which we will show you how to draw Robin. In fact it is an alias of several fictional comic book characters about Batman.

These characters, as a rule, are partners of Batman, but sometimes act as separate heroes.


Step 1

In our example Robin stands straight, so it will be pretty easy to draw his figure. So take a pencil and with the help of light lines sketch out the head in the form of an inverted egg (or an oval). Next, draw a line of the spine on which the chest and pelvis are located. At the end of the step we sketch out the arms and legs.

How to Draw Robin

Step 2

Draw lines on the face that will help us draw facial features. Next, we sketch out the neck in the form of a cylinder. Sketch out the torso that gradually tapers closer to the pelvis. Draw the shoulders in the form of circles and arms in the shape of simple figures. Also, in the shape of simple figures we sketch out the legs.

how to draw dc characters

Step 3

We continue the drawing lesson about how to draw Robin. Here we need to outline some elements of clothing. First of all we design a collar that goes into a cape that goes behind the back hanging down to the knee area. Next sketch out the outlines of the gloves and shoes.

how to draw dc superheroes

Step 4

The main outlines of the figure of our Robin are ready, now we need to proceed to the details. Using the horizontal line from the second step we draw out the eyes in the form of almonds. Below the eyes draw out the nose guided by the vertical line from the second step. Draw out the mouth and move to the next step.

how to draw Robin step by step

Step 5

In this step we finish drawing the head of Robin. At the top of the head draw the hair using curved lines. Draw the ear, the line of the jaw and face as a whole. Around the eyes draw out a famous mask of Robin (which is somewhat like a raccoon mask).

draw a superhero

Step 6

Gently draw the collar. On the shoulders draw out the outlines of the cape. Next we draw the shape of the torso. Recall that the torso should narrow closer to the waist (in more athletic people this narrowing is more noticeable). With light lines draw the outlines of pectoral muscles and abdominals under the costume. Outline the belt and logo on the left side of Robin’s chest.

how to draw Robin from dc

Step 7

Let’s move to the arms of our Robin. First we need to draw the outlines of short sleeves and add some folds in the area of the armpits. Next, draw out the outlines of muscles and wide gloves. The most difficult moment is to draw fists (to learn more about this, visit the lesson on how to draw hands).

pictures of Robin

Step 8

This step is somewhat similar to the previous step. Erasing all the extra lines and the extra strokes from the first two steps, draw out the outline of Robin’s legs. Draw the outlines of the muscles and knees as shown in our example. At the end of this step we need to draw shoes.

Robin lantern drawing

Step 9

And in the last step of the lesson about how to draw Robin we add shadows. And as always we do it in the style of comics. What does it mean? In comics are always used dark and contrast shadows. In order to draw such shadows, you first need to draw out the outlines of the shadow and then paint over them in black. In order to make lighter shadows you need to use hatching and cross-hatching.

How to Draw Robin

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  1. I drew barman and robin for art class in 6th grade with this really helped

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