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How to Draw Bishop

Bishop drawing

Hello, dear artists. As you probably know, we really like comics and very often draw characters from various comics. And today’s article is also devoted to the hero of comics. So, let’s start the lesson about how to draw Bishop.


Step 1

Let’s start with the skeleton of Bishop. First of all we will hint the head of our character. After that we sketch out the spine using a straight line. Draw a wide chest and pelvis. With the help of simple lines sketch out the arms and legs. Since this is a classic superhero, he must be high and powerful, and this should be noticeable already at this step.

how to draw Bishop

Step 2

We sketch out the intersecting lines on the face of our Bishop. Next draw the neck in the form of a cylinder. Pass to the torso, which narrows in the waist region. Next sketch out the limbs. The shoulders and knees are drawing in a shape of circles and arms and legs in a shape of cylindric figures.

how to draw Bishop from x men

Step 3

With very simple lines sketch out the eyes, nose and mouth. Nex sketch out long hair and ears. Pass to Bishop’s body. Connect the geometric figures from the previous step with smooth lines and form the muscles. Sketch out the details of clothing such as a scarf, gloves and boots.

learn to draw Bishop step by step

Step 4

Let’s take care of the details and start with the head. Then draw out the eyes, nose and mouth. Draw a characteristic beard of Bishop. The face of our Bishop in our drawing is very tense, but of course you can draw a smile on his face.

how to draw Bishop from marvel

Step 5

Let’s move on to the torso of our superhero. First of all draw out the scarf with a large number of folds. Next draw out the torso and elements of clothing. Erase all the extra lines from the torso.

Bishop sketch

Step 6

Now pass to the arms of Bishop. Erasing all the guidelines draw out the shape of the muscles, as shown in our example. Note that the arms in our example are very large, even disproportionately large. This is acceptable when we draw characters in the style of comics.

how to draw Bishop step by step

Step 7

Now pass to the lower part of Bishop’s body. Draw out the pants, from under which are visible the outlines of muscles. Draw the lines of clothes and high boots. Do not forget to erase all the unnecessary lines that we drew in the first three steps.

how to draw bishop

Step 8

Let’s works with shadows. First of all we paint the hair. We did this using hatching, but you can paint it in solid black. Next, add shadows to some parts of Bishop’s body. Again, you can do this with hatching, or with solid black shadows, as in the lesson about Spider-Man.

Bishop drawing

So, this was another drawing tutorial about a superhero from Marvel Universe, in which we talked about how to draw Bishop. Be sure to visit our category named “Comics”, there you will find many interesting tutorials.

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