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How to Draw Gambit

How to Draw Gambit

Hello dear artists and comic book lovers. As you already knew today, we will show you how to draw Gambit from the X-Men. Gambit is one of the members of the X-Men, who appeared in comics, films and animated films about this team.


Step 1

So, first of all we need to draw the skeleton of our superhero. Draw the head in the form of an oval. Next, outline the spine, chest and pelvis. After that sketch out the arms and legs. If you saw a lesson about a man you already know that in the first steps we use only very light lines.

how to draw Gambit

Step 2

Outline the horizontal line of the eyes and the vertical line of symmetry of the face. Let’s remind that these two lines should converge exactly in the area of the nose bridge and be approximately in the center of the face. Now draw the neck using a short cylinder. After this sketch out the torso that tapers closer to the waist.

how to draw Gambit

Step 3

We continue adding volume to our Gambit making him more like a mannequin. Sketch out the shoulders in a shape of circles, arms in shapes of cylinders and hands. In the right hand sketch out the stick. Next, outline the legs in the form of elongated cylinders and knees in the form of circles.

how to draw Gambit step by step

Step 4

Now let’s start adding details to our Gambit, and we’ll start doing this of course from the face, or rather from the eyes. Using the horizontal line from the second step, carefully draw out the eyes and eyebrows above your eyes.

lean to draw Gambit from x men

Step 5

Continue drawing tutorial on how to draw Gambit from X-Men. Here we continue to draw the face. Gently draw out the nose using a vertical line from the second step. Under the nose draw a mouth and move to the next step.

how to draw Gambit

Step 7

Now let’s form the face. Draw out the ear with lines of auricle inside that goes into an angular chin. Then draw the hair with the help of short and curved lines. And at the end of the step draw out the line of mask and neck line.

how to draw a superhero

Step 8

Now let’s move on to the torso of our Gambit. Draw the high collar of the coat. Inside the lines of the coat draw large and wide pectoral muscles and abdominals.

how to draw Gambit from marvel step by step

Step 9

Draw the lines on the collar and part of the costume just below the neck. Draw the sleeves with a lot of folds on them and fists with gloves. At the very end of the step draw a long and even stick.

learn how to draw Gambit for marvel

Step 10

Finish drawing the coat of the Gambit as in our example. Note that the bottom of the coat has many longitudinal folds. By the way, the lab coat of Reptile from one of the previous drawing lessons is somewhat like this coat of Gambit.

Learn to Draw Gambit from X Men

Step 11

Erasing all unnecessary and additional lines from the first steps draw out the outline of the legs. Recall that the legs should slowly narrow in the area of the knees and ankles. Also draw the oval knee pads.

Gambit drawing

Step 12

And in the last step of this drawing lesson we finish drawing the legs. Rather, we need to draw the details of the costume as in the example below. In this  lesson we did not add shadows, but you can do this, as for example in the drawing lesson about Spider-Man.

How to Draw Gambit

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