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How to Draw The Amazing Bag-Man

how to draw the amazing bag man

Greetings true believers! Welcome to the pages of DrawingForAll.  As you probably know, we love comics and that’s why we have a lot of drawing lessons dedicated to comics, such as lessons about Spider-Man, Wolverine, Thor and others. But today we will draw the one of the most recognizable comic book characters (Spider-Man) in very unusual costume. It is as if the B-Tard form our lesson put on a suit of fantastic four and jumped into the window. So, let’s start the lesson on how to draw the Amazing Bag-Man.


Step 1

First we draw the skeleton of our friendly neighborhood. Draw him in his standard pose. Very similar pose you could see in other lesson on how to draw Spider-Man. As always sketch out the head in shape of an egg, then spine, chest and pelvis, arms and legs. All these lines should be drawn very smooth and light.

how to draw the amazing bag man

Step 2

Add the most recognizable part of this lesson – a bag. Then add some volume to the body. Do the same actions as in other drawing lessons – first draw the torso, then limbs using simple geometric shapes.

the amazing bag man drawing lesson

Step 3

Draw the openings on the paper bag and eyes that you can see inside these openings. Draw out the outlines of the bag. Add the fold and lines as in our example.

how to draw spider man fantastic four

Step 4

Let’s work with the upper part of the body of our amazing Bag-Man. Despite the fact that here is so many lines and folds, the lesson is much easier than it appears in this step. Don’t forget to erase all unnecessary guidelines as we did.

how to draw spiderman bag costume

Step 5

Here we do the same that we did with the upper part of the body. Exactly the same actions – erase the guides, draw the outlines and add a lot of folds. By the way, have you noticed how the old school artists of comics loved folds?

how to draw the bombastic bag-man

Step 6

Ad at the last step we will paint all black details, such as the collar, belt and gloves. Also you can make the outlines more dark and thick. And don’t forget to draw the sign of Fantastic Four.

how to draw the amazing bag man

Is the most strange costume of superhero? If you know something more strange – write it in the comments below.

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