How to Draw a Jaguar Car

How to Draw a Jaguar Car

Hello dear artists and readers of Drawing For All. Today we have prepared for you a new drawing tutorial on how to draw a Jaguar car. Jaguar – is a brand of the British multinational car company Jaguar Land Rover. As you can see today we will draw a Jaguar F Type.


Step 1

So, the first thing we sketch out the main outlines of our car. The Jaguar F Type has very smooth and rounded contours, so use very smooth and light lines.

How to Draw a Jaguar Car

Step 2

With the help of semicircles outline the wheel arches and with the help of ovals we sketch out the wheels. Do not forget that the lines should be very light.

How to Draw a Jaguar f type

Step 3

Let’s start adding details to our Jaguar. We start to do this from the front of the car by drawing the grille and logo at the top of the grille.

learn how to draw a jaguar step by step

Step 4

Continue drawing the front of the Jaguar F Type. On the sides of the radiator grille draw smaller grilles. A little higher draw the outstretched headlights.

How to Draw a Jaguar Car

Step 5

Pass to the top of the Jaguar and draw the roof, windows and side mirrors. Pay attention that the roof should go smoothly into the trunk.

How to Draw a Jaguar f type

Step 6

Continue the line of the roof which smoothly goes into the trunk. Draw the door, handle and design elements as in our example.

learn to draw a sport car

Step 7

This is probably one of the most difficult steps of our drawing lesson – we need to draw the wheels. Try to make them smooth and smooth.

How to Draw a Jaguar Car

Step 8

Drawing tutorial on how to draw a Jaguar F Type came to an end. It remains only to draw the rims. As we always say, choose any kind of rims you want.

How to Draw a Jaguar Car

If you like cool sports cars then you are on the right site – here you can find a lot of drawing tutorials about really cool cars, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce and much more. Also do not forget to share this and our other drawing lessons with your friends.


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