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How to Draw Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four

How to draw mr. fantastic from the fantastic four

Hello! Today we are glad to present you our new drawing lesson. As you saw from the preview, the topic of our today’s lesson will be drawing superhero, Marvel universe, Mr. Fantastic. Real name of Mr. Fantastic is Reed Richards. Every fan of Marvel knows this outstanding leader, who is also known as a brilliant scientist and a caring head of the family.


Step 1

First, draw a circle. As you may have guessed, it will denote the head of Reed Richards. Draw a circle inside two lines. First, vertical, will indicate facial symmetry. Horizontal will show the location of the eyes. Important point – line must not be moved to the right or left.

how to draw fantastic 4


Step 2

In this step, draw the palm. Pay attention to the size of the palm – it’s very big compared with earlier painted head. Palm should look like this, it seemed as though she is at a great distance from the head. Don’t forget we draw a superhero who is able to stretch.

how to draw mr fantastic from fantastic 4


Step 3

Well, our reed Richards is very disproportionate. Now draw the left arm from us. Shoulder and forearm should be disproportionately long, and the palm should be disproportionately round.

how to draw mister fantastic


Step 4

Draw the legs and lower torso. Inguinal region looks like an hourglass laid on its side. The front leg should be larger than the rear. This difference in size is not achieved by the superpowers, and the rules of perspective. Reed’s legs in our figure are quite human.

how to draw reed richards


Step 5

Draw short lines to show the location of facial features and hair. Focus on the layout of the first step.

how to draw reed richards mister fantastic


Step 6

Draw Rid Richard’s  face in the details. The upper part of the ears should match the eyebrows, and the lower part of the ear with the tip of the nose.

how to draw reed richards


Step 7

Now  draw the folds of fabric on the suit of Mr. Fantastic. Also in this step draw the phalanges in the form of transverse smooth lines.

how to draw reed richards step by step


Step 8

Draw the recognizable logo of the Fantastic Four, it must be placed on the chest. In general the Fantastic Four had plenty of costumes and uniforms, today we are wearing our superhero in the classic version. Also in this step draw a clear, visible contours of the legs and lower body.

how to draw reed richards from marvel


Step 9

Now draw the shadows. Lesson of drawing of Mister Fantastic is exellant example of a comics style drawing. So, the shade in our picture are contrasting. They should look like coarse black spots. The most correct method of drawing shadows in comic book style – this division into two stages:

  • Drawing the contours of shadows;
  • Filling target area in black. It is best to use a soft lead pencil.

How to draw mr. fantastic from the fantastic four

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