How To Draw An Elephant for Kids

How to draw an enephant for kids


Hello everyone, today we have prepared a lesson for aspiring artists, which explains how to draw an elephantAs all other tutorials from the section “For Beginners” (for example the tutorials about how to draw a rabbit or how to draw a teddy bear), this tutorial will be very simple consists of simple geometric shapes. So, let’s start this drawing lesson!

Step 1

At first draw a circle as a guide for the head

How to draw an enephant for beginners


Step 2

Now draw the second circle, a little larger than the first.

How to draw an enephant for children


Step 3

Now, using curved lines draw the trunk. To the right of the nose draw the mouth.

How to draw an enephant easy


Step 4

Using two large rectangles with rounded corners draw the legs.

how to draw an elephant for kids


Step 5

Now erase all unnecessary guidelines and draw the tail.

How to draw an enephant step by step


Step 6

Using an oval draw the eye and ear. Draw black pupil and add some eyelashes to the eye.

How to draw an enephant for kids


It was a super simple drawing lesson about how to draw an elephant for kids. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing lessons by Goodbye friends!

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  1. Emma

    This is an awesome source. I love how mine and this turned out!!!

  2. Madilynn Bender

    I had a art show and I got good grades on my drawing!!🙀

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