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How to Draw Spider-Man

how to draw the amazing spider man


Hello, dear artists! Today’s drawing lesson will be especially enjoyable for those who know that with great power comes great responsibility. We think you have already guessed that today we will draw the most recognizable Marvel comics character – The Amazing Spider-Man.


Step 1

At first we need to sketch out general proportions and posture of Spider-Man. Using an oval, sketch out the shape of the head. Note, that the head is very similar to an inverted egg. Sketch out the lines of facial symmetry. The vertical line will help us to find the center of the face. And the horizontal line will help us to draw eyes. Using simple lines sketch out the torso, hands and legs of Spider-Man. Note, that in the first steps, you should not press down too hard on a pencil.

how to draw spider man


Step 2

At this step we add volume to the body of Spider-Man. But first, using the lines of facial symmetry from the previous step draw Spider-Man’s eyes. Using circles sketch out the shoulders. Draw arms using convex cylinders. Draw hands and fingers. Note, that the left hand of Spider-Man looks slightly bigger due to the fact that it is closer to us. Sketch out the torso. Note, that the torso should taper to the waist. Draw the legs in the same way, that we used, to draw hands. Note, that the shin should be significantly narrowed to the foot.

how to draw the amazing spider man


Step 3

And we continue the tutorial about how to draw Spider-Man. Erase the guidelines from the previous steps. Draw the jaw, making the lower sides and bottom of the head slightly flatter. Darken the lines of the eyes. By the way, visit our drawing lesson about how to draw Spider-Man’s head, to draw it perfectly. Add the lines of muscles to the hands, torso and legs. Draw the main lines of the suit. Using a curved line draw the web behind Spider-Man.

how to draw spider man step by step


Step 4

At this step we start to add the famous web on the Spider-Man’s suit. First draw lines on the head. These lines start on the nasal bridge and diverge to the sides of the head. Then, using the same method, draw the lines on the torso, arms and legs. Draw the short lines on the fingers.

how to draw spider man with a pencil


Step 5

Continue to draw the Spider-Man’s web. At this step we draw the transverse lines. Note, that they should be slightly curved and placed at the approximately same distance from each other. Draw the spider on the Spider-Man’s chest. Add some texture to the web behind Spider-Man and move to the next step.

how to draw spider man


Step 6

And we got to the last step in the tutorial about how to draw Spider-Man. In this step we add shadows. We drew spider man in classic comics style, so we will add classic comics shadows. At first draw the outlines of the shadows. Then, using dark hatching, paint out the areas of shadows. Don’t forget that we still have a lot of lessons about marvel heroes. For example, you can try to draw Cyclops from the X-Men.

how to draw the amazing spider man


It was the drawing lesson about how to draw Spider-Man. We hope you enjoyed this drawing tutorial. Stay tuned and wait for new drawing lessons.


    1. How bro the steps are so clear it’s just a bit hard from step 1 to 2 but after that it’s so easy

    1. Honestly I am a big fan of Marvel and I am trying to draw my own spider-man character, so this was really helpful. Thanks!!

  1. Thank God i got it,please i need drawings of goku,because some other websites has it and i don’t like theirs.

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