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How to Draw Karlsson

Karlssonf drawing

Today we present you a new drawing lesson in which we show you how to draw Karlsson, a famous Swedish character created by Astrid Lindgren in the 1950s.
It was a tale about a little fat man with a sense of humor and a propeller on his back that allowed him to travel through the air. Not only a book was written about Karlsson, but a cartoon was also shot (like about Cheburashka or Drutten, which is also known in Sweden). We note that for the times when there were no iPhones and iPads this cartoon was animated very well.

Let’s get down to the tutorial and learn how to draw Karlsson!


Step 1

First, sketch out the head in a pear-like shape. Sketch two simple lines with which you can further draw the details of the face. In the lesson on how to draw Winnie the Pooh, you could see the same head shape.

how to draw Karsson

Step 2

Then draw a large oval – this will be Karlsson’s torso. We remind you that in the first steps you do not need to press too hard on the pencil.

how to draw cartoons

Step 3

Use a few simple lines to sketch out the arms. Next, outline the palms in the form of circles and fingers in the form of ovals. The lines should still be very light.

how to draw

Step 4

Using simple and light lines, sketch out the short legs and heavy shoes. So, if the construction lines are ready, then move on to the next step to start working on the details.

how to draw cartoon character

Step 5

By using the guidelines from the first stages, begin to draw the face of Karlsson. At first draw the eye using the vertical facial construction line. Then draw the smiling mouth and the nose in form of a potato.

draw karlsson

Step 6

Now draw the ear and hair that looks like a palm tree. Recall that the hair should be drawn from roots to tips. Next, using short, curved lines draw the eyebrows.

drawing karlsson

Step 7

Erase all guidelines and trace all the outlines of the head. Paint the eyebrows, mouth, and visible pupil. This will give your drawing a more cartoonish look.

karlsson pencil drawing

Step 8

Now using dark lines trace Karlsson’s pants. After that, draw a suspender and a large button. Draw the zipper using a couple of short lines.

how to draw soviet characters

Step 9

Now draw the hands. After that, draw the cuffs on the sleeves. Trace the outlines of the hands. Then, draw the propeller that looks like a smooth line behind the left shoulder of Karlsson. Then sketch two zigzag lines on the propeller.

how to draw character

Step 10

Many of you, dear readers, certainly like warm long-sleeve plaid shirts. And Karlsson as you can see wears such a shirt. Draw the texture of the plaid shirt using crossing lines.

how to draw Karlsson step by step

Step 11

Using dark and clear lines, trace the pants and shoes of the character. Draw the folds and the sole of the shoe. In addition, draw the folds at the bottom of the pants.

Karlsson drawing

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