How to Draw Karlsson

Karlssonf drawing

Hello Everybody! Today we bring you a new drawing tutorial, in which we will talk about Karlsson – famous Swedish character created by Astrid Lindgren in 1950’s. It was a fairy tale about a little fat man with a sense of humor and a propeller on his back, which allowed him to travel by air. About Karlsson was written not only a book but also was filmed a cartoon (as about Cheburashka or Drutten, which is also known in Sweden). We note that for the times when there were no iPhones and iPads this cartoon was animated very well. Let’s get down to drawing and learn how to draw Karlsson!


Step 1

Let’s start to draw with such a shape that looks like a potato or a famous meme «Forever alone». And in this very step, we draw the facial guidelines, which will help us to draw a face. Note that the same contours of the head was in a tutorial on how to draw Winnie the Pooh.

how to draw Karsson

Step 2

Then draw a large oval – it will be the torso of Karlsson. We would like to remind you that in the first steps do not need to press too hard on the pencil.

how to draw cartoons

Step 3

And we continue the tutorial on how to draw Karlsson step by step. In this step, we draw hands. By using circles, we outline the palms. By using short and slightly curved cylinder, we outline the fingers.

how to draw

Step 4

In the lower part of the body outline the short legs and very massive shoes. So, the guidelines are ready, and we move on to the next step, to begin work on the details.

how to draw cartoon character

Step 5

We continue to draw Karlsson. In this step, we work on his head. By using the guidelines from the first step, we begin to draw the face of Karlsson. At first draw the eye using the vertical facial line. Then draw a nose in form of potato and smiling mouth.

draw karlsson

Step 6

In this step, we draw the ear and outline the hair. Add the eyebrows by strokes and move to the next step.

drawing karlsson

Step 7

Erase all the guidelines and trace all the outlines of the head. Paint the eyebrows, mouth and pupil.

karlsson pencil drawing

Step 8

Draw the shapes of Karlson’s overalls. Draw the round button and move to the next step.

how to draw soviet characters

Step 9

Now we draw hands. Draw cuffs on the sleeves – they must be rolled up. Trace the outlines of the hands. And in the same step, draw the propeller – a smooth line behind the right shoulder of us and two zigzag lines in the propeller.

how to draw character

Step 10

Many of you, dear readers, certainly like warm plaid shirts with long sleeves. And our today’s character is wearing such shirt. Draw it using the cross lines.

how to draw Karlsson step by step

Step 11

At the final stage of our tutorial on how to draw Karlsson, we will draw the legs. Trace the outlines of legs and draw the soles of shoes.

Karlsson drawing

We did a good job, do not you? If you like little fat characters, we advise you a lesson on how to draw Cartman. But if you want to draw something more complicated, try to draw Wolverine. Subscribe to us on social networks and stay tuned. Bye for now!

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