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How to Draw an Orange

how to draw an orange

DrawingForAll greets you on its pages with a new drawing tutorial! In today’s drawing lesson we will draw a delicious and juicy fruit. Our today’s hero is the most popular raw material for juices, it has a very large stock of vitamin C, and mineral oils.

This lesson is not very complicated, except that the application of texture in the last step – it is a pretty hard work. Let’s begin this lesson and learn how to draw an orange!


Step 1

We will draw three fruits of orange – a pair of fruits are completely visible, and the third orange will be the drawn in the cut form. At first draw three circles, as in our example. Here we outline the contours of the branches, using light strokes.

how to draw

Step 2

In this step we start to draw branches of the orange. First draw the very branch and outline the contours of pointed leaves. Also draw vertical lines in the center of each leaf.

orange drawing

Step 3

We continue the drawing tutorial on how to draw an orange. At this stage we sketch out edges of the sliced orange, using a semicircle. In the same step we outline the core and emerging lines, which will help us to draw slices in the following steps.

how to draw an orange with a pencil step by step

Step 4

Add new lines to the guidelines from the previous step, to get such triangles as in our example. Here we outline the contours of the flowers.

drawing tutorial

Step 5

Our readers, who are familiar to ancient works met the phrase “golden apples“, which were available only to the gods, inhabitants of Mount Olympus. So, historians have found, that the golden apples are the most ordinary oranges.

And we continue drawing tutorial on how to draw an orange. In the end of this step finish drawing branches, flowers and add some veins to the leaves.

orange drawing

Step 6

To mark the citrus surface of orange, draw a huge amount of small semicircles, that are drawn as commas. This texture should be added in the areas of shadows. To make a dark shadows, apply a dense hatching to the areas of shadows.

how to draw fruits

Step 7

Add the citrus texture on the lower part of the whole oranges. Add texture to the flesh of the orange, to make it less like a car disk. Add very light, perfectly smooth, straight strokes in the space between the lines separating the segments. Strokes are not to be visible, they must be thick and intense.

how to draw an orange

The drawing lesson, which dealt with how to draw an orange came to an end. The lesson was prepared for you by artists of DrawingForAll.
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