How to Draw an iPhone


Hello, dear artists. Today, we have prepared a new lesson that is sure to appeal to fans of high-tech gadgets. As you guess, today we are going to draw an iPhone. Let’s start this tutorial and learn how to draw an iPhone!

Step 1

First draw the contours of the rectangle. Note that we had taken a rather complicated view, we will draw an iPhone with a slight slope.

how to draw an iphone

Step 2

Now carefully, as in our sample, we rounded corners. Make sure that all the angles of iPhone is evenly rounded, and move to the next step.

how to draw an iphone step by step

Step 3

By the auxiliary lines from the first two steps draw the left sidebar. In fact, the iPhone’s corpus is ready.

iphone drawing

Step 4

Check your drawing. If you do not see obvious errors or distortions, you can proceed to actions from this step.

So we draw the rectangle in the center of a basic shape. On the vertical sides, it is located very close to the contours of the device, but on the horizontal sides there is the considerable distance.

iphone 6 pencil drawing

Step 5

Now erase all guideline and add the interface elements to the iPhone body. Don’t forget about the round button, the speaker and the buttons on the left sidebar.


It was a lesson in which we told you how to draw iPhone. Be in touch with us and wait for the new drawing tutorials. All the best!

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  1. Ja'Cory

    This was surprisingly the easiest picture to draw.

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