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How to Draw Cartoon Sub-Zero

how to draw cartoon sub-zero for kids

Hi there! Welcome to DrawingForAll. You like the universe of Mortal Kombat, and want to draw some characters, but our lessons are too hard for you? Especially for you we will show you how to draw a cartoon Sub-Zero for beginners. But if this lesson is very easy for you, visit the complicated lesson on how to draw Sub-Zero.


Step 1

As in the complicated lessons we will start with the stickman. First we draw the guide of the head in the shape of circle or oval. Then proceed to the spine, arms and legs. Use simple lines for sketching. Note, that our pose of Sub-Zero is just one of the plurality. You can choose any other that you want.

how to draw cartoon sub-zero

Step 2

Now draw two lines on the face of Sub-Zero – the line of the eyes and the line of symmetry of the face. The lines should intersect in the center of the face.

Then draw the neck in the shape of the cylinder. Then draw the torso, tapering down, shoulder as circles, arms and legs as elongated ovals. At the end of the step sketch out the hands and feet.

how to draw a cartoon sub zero

Step 3

Here we start adding some details. And start with the mask. First draw the opening of the mask in the shape of peanut. Then draw the eyes in shape of ovals, above the eyes draw the eyebrows. Draw out the lower edge of the mask. At the end of the step correct the shape of the mask and head.

how to draw subzero in cartoon style

Step 4

In this step we finish the head of the cartoon Sub-Zero. Erase the guides. In the center of the mask draw a line and short lines at the right and left sides. Draw the contours of the ears. Circle the lines of the head. If you are a big fan of Mortal Kombat, remember that in the eyes of the Sub Zero no pupils.

how to draw subzero for beginners step by step

Step 5

In this step we work with the arms and torso of Sub-Zero. First erase the guides from the upper part of Sub-Zero. Draw out the outer lines of the arms. Don’t forget to draw the muscles. Draw the forearms protections, hands and fingers, that very similar to sausages.

learn how to draw subzero for kids

Step 6

Here we draw the torso of Sub-Zero. This is very simple step. We just need to draw the garment, which is borrowed from the samurai. It consists of two strips of cloth, that descend through the shoulders and converge in one strip. In the area of the waist we draw a wide belt.

how to draw subzero for children

Step 7

And in the last step of the lesson on how to draw cartoon Sub-Zero for beginners we draw the lower part of Sub-Zero. As in the last step we erase the guidelines. Draw out the lines of the legs, draw the shin protectors. Add some folds to the garment.

how to draw cartoon sub-zero for kids


As you may have noticed, our Sub-Zero made not only in the style of cartoons but in Simpsons style. This lesson was quite simple, we are confident that you can cope with it. Share your opinion in the comments, share this drawing lesson with your friends and subscribe to us on the social networks.

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