How to Draw Eric Cartman

eric cartman drawings

Hello everybody! Today we’ll show you how to draw Eric Cartman! In general, all the characters of South Park are drawn very simplistic and disproportionately. And Eric Cartman is no exception. So, let’s start the tutorial!

Step 1

First draw an oval, it will be the head of Cartman. But before you start drawing, we would like to remind you that in the first steps do not need to press too hard on the pencil so that later could be easily erase all guidelines.

how to draw eric cartman

Step 2

Draw a vertical line of facial symmetry and the horizontal line of the eyes. So we conventionally divided the head into four parts. It should be noted that these two lines must be strictly perpendicular, and they should converge exactly in the middle of the face.


how to draw eric cartman step by step

Step 3

In this step, we draw a body. It should be similar to the bag and should be slightly wider and shorter than the head.

how to draw south park

Step 4

Well, now we draw Cartman’s legs. Draw it as in our example and move to the step five.

how to draw south park step by step

Step 5

Base ready. Now the time for the details. Draw a pompom on the top of the head. Draw two perpendicular line as an arc, that starts slightly above the eye line. Hat is ready, and we move on to the next step.

how to draw eric cartman from south park

Step 6

In this step we draw the eyes. In the south park eyes are drawn by two ovals. On  top they should almost tangent to the line of hat and tangent to each other along the vertical axis of symmetry.

drawing eric cartman


Step 7

It’s probably the easiest step in this tutorial. Just draw the mouth by a curved line and move to the next step.

how to draw cartman

Step 8

And another one easy step. Just draw another two curved lines. Just draw another two curved lines slightly lower than the first one.

south park drawings

Step 9

Well, we are at the finish line. In this step, we draw the mittens in form of two small clumps on the sides of the torso.

how to draw

Step 10

Another small step in which we draw Cartman’s shoes and by using a pair of wavy lines we draw the zipper of the jacket.

learn how to draw eric cartman

Step 11

And in the last step we erase all guidelines and draw three buttons on the jacket. Eric Cartman is ready!

eric cartman drawings


It was the tutorial on how to draw Eric Cartman step by step. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Stey tuned, we have so much interesting for you!

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