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How to Draw Cheburashka

Drutten drawing

In this drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw Cheburashka – one of the most famous and recognizable characters created in the Soviet Union.
You may ask “Who is this?”. Cheburashka (in Sweden – Drutten) is a famous Soviet character created by Eduard Uspensky in 1965.

Cheburashka, like a Matryoshka, is one of the most famous Russian characters. By the way, here’s how the creator explains the strange appearance of the character – as a child he was presented with a defective soft toy, a cross between a rabbit and a bear with round ears. The parents told the kid that this is an unknown animal that lives among the palms in the rainforest.

Cheburashka is a creature that looks like a small bear with disproportionately large ears. Looks weird and creepy? Yes, we know. And today we are going to draw this strange thing. So, let’s get down to the lesson on how to draw a Cheburashka!


Step 1

Draw a circle first. Then draw two more circles on both sides of the circle (the ears can be round or oval, this is not important).

how to draw cheburashka

Step 2

Now sketch out the torso and limbs. Draw the body in the form of a small cylinder. Using simple lines sketch out the arms and legs. Note that the body should be significantly smaller than the head.

cheburashka drawings

Step 3

To draw a face, first sketch a vertical line of symmetry for the face – it divides the character’s head into two equal parts. Next, sketch out two horizontal lines that will help draw the top and bottom edges of the eyes. Next, draw the outline of the face in the form of a circle or oval.

how to draw cheburashka step by step

Step 4

Draw the eyes and pupils in the form of circles. Draw the eyebrows and mouth in the form of ovals. After that, draw the mouth in the form of a triangle.

cheburashka pencil drawing

Step 5

Erase all the guidelines from the head. After that, draw the texture of hair on the head and ears. Then, paint in the eyes, leaving small highlights in them. Don’t forget to draw the inner lines of the ears.

How to draw Drutten

Step 6

Now draw hair texture on the torso and limbs using dark and clear lines. Do not forget to erase unnecessary construction lines if they remain.

cheburashka drawing

So we finished drawing Cheburashka (or Drutten, if you live in Sweden). We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you want to draw a more brutal character from the last century, we recommend you our lesson on how to draw Wolverine. subscribe to us on social networks and wait for new drawing lessons.

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