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How to Draw an African Wild Dog

In this drawing lesson, the team of Drawingforall.net will show you how to draw an African wild dog – a rather interesting animal that looks like a dog, a wolf, and a hyena at the same time.

This lesson on how to draw an African wild dog will be similar to the tutorials about the aforementioned animals since they are very similar to each other.

This dog is distinguished by its interesting pattern on the coat. We will not draw this pattern, since it is is quite different in different individuals, and you can easily draw it yourself using pictures of African wild dogs from the Internet.


Step 1

So, let’s start drawing an African wild dog, according to tradition, by creating a skeleton of its body. The skeleton consists of circles for the head, chest, and pelvis, as well as simple lines for the neck, spine, and limbs.

african wild dog drawing lesson

Step 2

Now sketch out the African wild dog’s short muzzle with a few short lines. Next, use two slightly longer lines to outline the neck. Please note that the neck should be thick enough.

dog drawing tutorial

Step 3

Now use simple and light lines to sketch out the front limbs. Here we just outline their volume and location, so do not try to put too much pressure on the pencil.

Step 4

Use a couple of lines to sketch out the torso of the African wild dog, connecting the ribcage and pelvis. Note that the torso should taper slightly in the abdomen. Finish this step by sketching out the fluffy tail.

Step 5

Following the example of the third step, draw the hind legs of the African wild dog. But when drawing the hind legs of the dog, remember that their shape is quite different from the front.

how to draw an african wild dog easy step by step

Step 6

Now let’s start drawing the details of the African wild dog. Let’s start with the head, carefully drawing the ears. Note that the ears of this dog are quite large and rounded, and somewhat resemble those of a fox.

how to draw an african wild dog head

Step 7

Draw the eyes of the African wild dog and the nose. Gently draw small nostrils. To draw the details of the dog’s face more accurately, visit our tutorial on how to draw a dog head.

how to draw a cute african wild dog

Step 8

In this step, we will draw the African wild dog mouth. First sketch out the outlines of the mouth, then carefully draw the bottom row of teeth. The upper teeth are not visible, as they are covered by the upper lip.

how to draw an African wild dog

Step 9

Now let’s make the body of the African wild dog more detailed and correct. Start with the front limbs, detailing and carefully drawing them as shown in our example.

Step 10

Now with the same smooth movements, carefully draw the hind limbs. Don’t forget to draw rounded fingers with claws. In the same step, detail the tail with lots of short strokes.

Step 11

Carefully and smoothly erase all unnecessary guidelines from the drawing of the African wild dog. Remember to constantly compare your drawing with our example and fix any mistakes if you find them.

Step 12

To give the African wild dog drawing a more complete look, draw shadows. To make the shadows look as convincing and realistic as possible, visit our articles on light and shadow and hatching.

You can make your African wild dog drawing more interesting and expressive. To begin with, you can draw a pattern on his fur. As we said at the beginning of the drawing lesson, you can use photographs of these animals as references.

You can also make the shading more dense and varied, as well as depict the background. This will give your dog drawing a more voluminous and lively look.

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