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How to Draw a Horse

How to Draw a Horse

Hello, dear artists! In today’s drawing lesson the the team of artists of Drawing For All will show you how to draw a horse. In today’s lesson we are going to draw a realistic horse.

The figure of the horse is quite complicated, and in this lesson we tried to decompose it into a lot of very simple steps, so that any of our readers could learn how to draw a horse without encountering difficulties.


Step 1

We will, as always, will start with the selection of the pose. First, we draw a circle, as the guide of the head.

How to Draw a Horse

Step 2

Next, draw a second part of the head, that is the snout in the form of a cylinder.

How to Draw a Horse step by step

Step 3

Draw the neck that looks like a curved and extended to the bottom figure.

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Step 4

Now we start to draw the torso of horse. First, draw two large overlapping circles as in our example.

learn How to Draw a Horse

Step 5

In this step, draw the legs. Note that the front legs of the horse straight, while the rear has a bend.

How to Draw a Horse with a pencil

Step 6

Here we begin to add details to the horse. Sketch out the ears, eyes, nose and mouth.

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Step 7

Erase all the guides and draw out all the lines, making them more crisp and clean.

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Step 8

In this step we draw the mane and tail of the horse. To draw the hair use soft and curved lines.

How to Draw a Horse easy

Step 9

In this step add shadows. To do this, we use a light hatching. In addition to the shadows on the horse do not forget to add a drop shadow under the horse.

How to Draw a Horse

In this tutorial the team of Drawing For All have shown you how to draw a horse step by step. Share this drawing lesson with your friends, subscribe to our social networks and write your remarks in the comments.


  1. My sister gave up a few steps in so I wouldn’t really recommend for beginners or artists who are new to realism, it’s a beautiful drawling though

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