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How to Draw a Cat

How to draw a cat

In this drawing lesson we will talk about how to draw a cat. The fact is that we love cats very much, and we tried to make this lesson perfect. We decomposed the drawing process into a few extremely simple steps, so that each of our readers could easily draw a cat.


Step 1

We start with the most simple constructions: draw a round head, a thorax and a pelvis. We connect these circles with light lines of the neck, spine and tail. Sketch out out limbs by light lines.

How to draw a cat

Step 2

On the head draw two lines that intersect exactly in the center. Above the horizontal line we draw almond-shaped eyes. Draw pointed ears, nose and mouth.

How to sketch a cat step by step

Step 3

Connect the head to the thorax with the help of the of the neck. In the same step draw the rounded front paws of the cat.

How to draw a cat easy

Step 4

Connect the chest and pelvis, forming the shape of the torso. Next, draw a curved rounded tail and hind paws.

How to draw a realistic cat

Step 5

By clear and dark lines draw out the eyes and draw the pupils inside them. Then draw the outlines of the head, nose and mouth.

Learn to draw a cat

Step 6

With the help of short lines we form fur on the neck and front paws. Draw rounded fingers and delete unnecessary lines.

How to draw cats

Step 7

Removing all the remaining guidelines draw out “fur” outlines of the torso, tail and hind paws.

Cat drawing

Step 8

Draw long whiskers and add shadows by hatching. If you imagine that light falls from above, then the shadows should lie on the lower edges of the body parts of the cat.

How to draw a cat

Probably everyone who takes a pencil in his hands, wants to learn how to draw a cat. We hope that our artists could teach you to draw cats.


    1. I like this app it has very easy tutorials but it needs more details and cats eyes go like that I have a cat named lily and she has eyes like that

  1. I wish there were more defined details, i.e how would one make the cat extra fluffy all over, collar, bell even. Otherwise this is a fantastic tutorial!!

    1. Sad Cat

      my eyes look horrible, they look sad, Asian, and scary, but no cute 🙁

  2. This is a great tutorial ^^ I HIGHLY recommend this site for artists and young artists! And for people who needs to draw for projects, homework, etc.

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