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How to Draw a Dog Head

How to draw a dog head

The team of Drawing For All does not stop working and create new drawing lessons. This lesson continues the theme of drawing animals, and is devoted to how to draw a dog’s head.


Step 1

We draw the dog’s head in a half-turn. First, the simplest construction, consisting of a circle and three lines – the line of the neck and the intersecting lines on the head.

How to draw a dog head

Step 2

Now sketch out a long muzzle of the dog and draw the neck, which is slightly thickened downwards.

How to sketch a dog head

Step 3

Now it’s time to sketch out the pointed ears, eyes and nose of our dog.

Learn to draw a dog head step by step

Step 4

Draw the shape of the head, erase all the extra lines from our draw of the dog’s head.

dog head drawing

Step 5

Darken the eyes, nose and ears. Add some shadows and the portrait of the dog is ready.

How to draw a dog head

The lesson about how to draw a dog’s head, like all the other lessons on the site, was divided into several very simple steps, in order to achieve the maximum simplicity and accessibility of the lesson for everyone. At the end of the step, according to tradition, a couple of useful tips. The main advice is that you need to practice as often as possible. Draw dogs of different breeds from different sides. The second tip is the method of applying shadows – first, draw very light contours of shadows, then paint them with hatching.


  1. This tutorial is good, how can i get this lesson in every day?

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