How to Draw a Morning Star

how to draw a Morning Star

In this drawing lesson we will show you how to draw a morning star. As you know a morning star is a melee weapon of shock-crushing action in the form of a metal ball, fitted with spikes. Morning star was a very dangerous weapon of the Middle Ages in particular for a knight clad entirely in armor.


Step 1

At first draw two parallel lines as guides for a shaft of the morning star in further.

how to draw a morning star step by step

Step 2

At the left side draw a ball of the morning star.

how to draw a medieval weapon

Step 3

At the opposite side of the shaft draw a pommel using a circle.

learn how to draw a morgenstern

Step 4

At the ball of the morning star draw a number of spikes.

how to draw a morgenstern

Step 5

Near the pommel draw the wrap that looks like a number of short lines.

morning star drawing

Step 6

Ant at the last step add shadows and glare.

how to draw a Morning Star


It was a drawing tutorial on how to draw a morning star also known as morgenstern (its german name). Such weapon was beloved by knights and other warriors in middle ages. Also such weapons we often seen in video games of RPG ganre, in hands of different goblins, gnolls and dwarves. By the way we have a lot of drawing tutorials dedicated to melee weapons, just visit category “Weapons”.

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  1. This is SO cool, and fun to draw, you did an amazing job designing this morning star!

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