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How to Draw a Gnoll

How to Draw a Gnoll

Hello, dear readers of DFA. Today we will show you how to draw a gnoll – a  fictional large hyena like creature that roam freely in organized groups. At the head of the group stands the most powerful member of the clan, commanding through fear, threats and violence.


Step 1

Gnolls are humanoids, i.e. their skeleton are very similar to a skeleton of human. We start with the head, drawing it in the shape of a circle. Sketch out the spine, arms and legs by a line. Then sketch out the chest and pelvis.

How to Draw a Gnoll

Step 2

Sketch out the lines on the face. Add volume using simple geometric shapes, such as circles for shoulders and knees and cylinders for arms and legs. Here we can see differences between man and gnoll. Pay attention to the legs, that look like legs of a dog.

How to Draw a Gnoll from dnd

Step 3

Draw out the face. Draw the angry eyes, wrinkled nose and open mouth with a lot of sharp teeth. In our example one eye of the gnoll is damaged, making him more evil. Note that now it looks like a werewolf.

How to Draw a Gnoll from dungeons and dragons

Step 4

Continue drawing the gnoll. Draw out the outlines of the face using uneven lines. Then draw the ears with damages and rings. And at the top of the head draw a crest that goes to the spine through the neck.

learn to draw a gnoll from d&d

Step 5

Start working with the torso. Draw out the armor of the chest and shoulder. Draw the straps on the waist, belt and a little bag hanging down from the belt. Try to make armor shabby and old.

how to draw dungeons and dragons

Step 6

Proceed to the arms. Draw out the muscles and belts wrapping the entire lower part of the arms of the gnoll. Draw out the fingers with long nails and a scythe gripped in the left hand.

How to Draw a Gnoll

Step 7

Proceed to the lower part of the gnoll. Draw the ragged clothing on the pelvis and long plates of armor. Draw cloth wrapped on the knees and shins of the Gnoll. Draw big feet with long nails (gnolls apparently do not love scissors).

gnoll drawing

Step 8

So we came to the last step. And at the last step we add shadows. First of all we determine the light source and then add shadows using simple hatching.

How to Draw a Gnoll

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