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How to Draw Armor

how to draw knight armor

Hello, dear artists! We really like the medieval theme, and on our site we have a lot of drawing lessons about this theme. For example we have a lesson on how to draw a knight and how to draw a knight for beginners. And today we will show you how to draw armor of knight. In general, the lesson is quite simple, so let’s start.


Step 1

Despite the fact that we do not draw a man, but only armor, we do all the same steps as any other lesson on how to draw a man. And as always, we start with the choice of pose. Then draw the head using a circle. Then draw a lines of the body.

how to draw armor

Step 2

In the second step, as always, we add volume to the figure. With the cylinders draw the neck, arms and legs. Using circles draw the shoulders, elbows and knees. Sketch out the pelvis, hands and feet. A similar figure we drew in a lesson on how to draw a knight for beginners. But that figure was fewer details and we did not draw the shadows.

how to draw knight armor

Step 3

In this step of drawing lesson on how to draw armor of knight we will begin to add details. Let’s start with the helmet, add a couple of lines that indicate the center line of the face and line of the eyes. Next, we outline the bottom line of the helmet. Then we outline the shoulder pads, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. Note that the knights armor strongly narrowed at the waist and then expands.

how to draw a classic knight

Step 4

Here we are finishing with the head, or rather with the helmet of knight. Erase the guides from the head. Circle the lines of the helmet and draw the openings at the front. Don’t forget to draw the lower lines of the helmet. Here a completely different helmet as opposed to the helmet from the lesson on how to draw a knight.

how to draw realistic armor

Step 5

Here we work with the torso of the armor of the knight. Erase the guides from the torso. Circle the lines of the torso. Draw the belt. Below the belt draw the tasset (i.e. protection of the pelvis). Draw horizontal lines on the tasset.

learn how to draw armor

Step 6

Here we draw the arms of the armor. Erase the guides. Next, be sure to draw gloves and elbow pads. Then you can draw the same elements on the arms as in our example, or come up with your details. The fact is that at different times and among different peoples the elements of costumes of knights might be very different.

how to draw armor step by step

Step 7

In this step we repeat the same actions as in the past, but with the legs of knight. That is, as in the last step we erase the unnecessary lines and draw out the legs. Add desirable items to the legs. Be sure to draw lines on the feet. Some elements were essential while others were just for beauty.

knight armor drawing

Step 8

In this step we add a shadows to the armor of knight. With a light hatching we give metallic luster to the elements of the armor. In the groin draw chainmail using crossing lines. Under the knight armor we draw a drop shadow.

how to draw knight armor


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  1. This was such a well done lesson. I like the number of steps – not too little and not too many.
    I like how the image stayed the same size and proportions throughout the steps.
    I like that you allowed us to copy the image. That will make it easier to print.
    With a print I can sit at a table with the lessons and sketch it in my sketchbook instead of looking at a laptop.
    Thanks, Jan

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