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How to Draw a Goblin for Beginners


Hello, dear artists! Today we want to show you a new drawing lesson dedicated to fantasy, including Dungeons and Dragons universe. In this drawing lesson we will show you how to draw a goblin for beginners. So, let’s start the lesson.

Step 1

At first sketch out the general shapes of the head using an oval. Draw the lines of the facial symmetry. The vertical line will show you the center of the face and the horizontal line will help you to draw the eyes. The lines should cross in the center of the circle. Note, that the shape of the head is more round, unlike the human head.



Step 2

Sketch out the torso. In order to get more evil goblin, we draw his head retracted into the shoulder.  How-to-Draw-a-Goblin-for-kids


Step 3

Using circles draw the shoulders. Using circles draw the shoulders and fists. Using elongated cylinders draw the arms. We draw hands a little higher than necessary, in order to make the character more evil.



Step 4

Draw the pelvis as in the example below. Using elongated cylinders draw the legs. Using circles draw the knees.



Step 5

From this step we will start to draw the face of the goblin. Draw round eyes and brows above the eyes. Eyes should be placed right on the line of the eyes, which we drew in the first step.

Draw a hooked nose which should be placed right on the vertical line and start from the crossing of the lines. Using a curved line draw the mouth.



Step 6

Draw the line above the eyes which indicates the bandana. Draw long triangular ears. Draw the outlines of the cheekbones, chin and jaw.



Step 7

Erase the guidelines from the head of the goblin. Draw pupils using bold dots. Add wrinkles in the areas of the bridge and lips. Add some folds to the bandana.



Step 8

And we continue to draw a goblin. At this step we start adding details to the body. At first we draw the clothes. Draw the triangular neckline on the chest and ragged sleeve. Sketch out the hanging piece of fabric (as in the tutorial about Sub-Zero).  In the left hand of the goblin draw the sword using elongated triangle. In the right hand draw the round shield.



Step 9

So we got to the last step in the tutorial about how to draw a goblin for beginners. Erase all the remaining guidelines. Circle the lines, to make them clean and smooth. Add some folds to the clothes. Draw the lacing in the area of the abdomen.

Draw the notches on the sword and strips of wood on the shield. Please note, that the sword and shield should be more shabby, in contrast to the sword and shield of a knight.



So, it was the drawing lesson about how to draw a goblin for beginners. We hope we helped you to learn how to draw goblin. Try to draw the goblin from different angles, and in different poses. Remember, that the practice – is the best friend of the artist. Goodbye!

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