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How to draw Nightcrawler step by step

how to draw nightcrawler step by step

Good day! Today we continue the topic of Marvel heroes. As you already saw, we will draw Kurt Wagner, that is, a Nightcrawler from the X-Men. Superpowers of our hero is the ability to teleport over short distances, as well as increased flexibility of the limbs and spine. Kurt often subjected to harassment and persecution. People believed that he is associated with Satan. However, Kurt is deeply religious and a believer. His wise counsels were often helped in various situations. He could even reconcile Cyclops and Wolverine in the case of the most serious quarrels.


Step 1

Let’s start to draw Nightcrawler with stickmen – man made of sticks and circles. Kurt is a little different from the ordinary man in terms of body proportions. However, it will be noticeable in the future. Now draw a normal stickman. Only pay attention to the unusual pose – our hero sits on his haunches and gently unwraps the body. Using an oval draw the head. Using simple lines sketch out torso, hands and legs.

how to draw nightcrawler


Step 2

Draw the contours of the body of our hero. Let’s introduce them in the form of geometric shapes – circles and cylinders. In this same step draw the lines of the facial symmetry. Draw the vertical line, which will help us to find the center of the face and a horizontal line which will help us to draw eyes.

how to draw nightcrawler from x-man


Step 3

Now draw the contours of the legs. In this step you don’t need to draw complex anatomical details. Just sketch out the general lines.

how to draw x men


Step 4

Draw the contours of tousled hair. Then draw eyes with no pupils, a straight nose and tightly compressed lips. The lower lip should be slightly larger than the upper. The distance between the lip and the bottom edge of the face must be greater than the distance between lips and nose.

how to draw nightcrawler from marvel


Step 5

Continue to draw the face. In this step, draw the wrinkles and skin folds. They are located above the eyes, between the eyes, around the corners of the mouth and under the nose. Draw the outline of the chin.

drawing nightcrawler


Step 6

Continue lesson on how to draw Nightcrawler. Draw pointed ears, which should be longer than normal human ears. Hair should be drawn from the roots to the tips. Under the chin draw a few smooth vertical lines denoting the throat and neck. Erase the guidelines.

how to draw nightcrawler


Step 7

Draw the contours of the left hand. Note, that the hand should not be too powerful and muscular. Do not forget the three-finger hand and folds of fabric around the wrist.

how to draw nightcrawler from X-Men


Step 8

Now draw in the details of Nightcrawler’s torso. Draw a rounded muscle of the shoulder and chest muscles, which are similar to flat plate. Don’t forget the logo of the X-Men, it is located in the chest area to the right of us.

drawing nightcrawler


Step 9

Draw the contours of the right hand. The forearm should be thinner that the shoulder. And as in the previous step we draw the folds of fabric on the forearm. Do not forget to erase the guidelines.

how to draw nightcrawler


Step 10

Erase guidelines from the the legs, draw the outer contours and inner contours of the muscles. In the same step, draw a smooth, curved tail.

how to draw nightcrawler


Step 11

At this step we add shadows. And as in other lessons dedicated to comic book characters, in this lesson, the shadows are applied in two stages. First draw the outlines of the shadows, and then color it. For the second stage it is better to use a soft lead pencil.

how to draw nightcrawler step by step


It was the drawing lesson about how to draw Nightcrawler from X-Men. We hope this tutorial was interesting and informative for you. Stay tuned and subscribe to our social networks. Goodbye!

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