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How to Draw a Dwarf Warrior

how to draw a dwarf warrior

Hello, dear readers! As you know, we love fantasy RPG and in particular Dungeons and Dragons universe.

And today we will learn how to draw a dwarf warrior. On our website we have a large number of articles where we draw people and today we show you how to draw a character whose proportions differs from the proportions of an ordinary man strongly enough.


Step 1

Let’s begin, as usual, with a stickman. Today it will have a very nonstandard look. Dwarf is not just a usual short man – he is stocky and strong. Pay attention not only to the striking correlation of the head and body, but also on the shape of the head (today the shape of the head is a circle), as well as the width of the shoulders and the pelvis.

First draw head, then the lines of the body. Please note that all the lines have to be very light.

how to draw a dwarf warrior

Step 2

Here is a very standard and familiar to us step. Now we make a silhouette of stickman, and start with the head and upper torso. With a couple of lines mark up the head – it will be the vertical and horizontal lines. Under the main horizontal line we draw a couple of short lines – respectively, the lines of the nose and mouth.

Directly under the head draw the neck using a cylinder. Under the neck draw a very broad and relatively short torso. Next, using large balls draw shoulders. Then draw broad arms using cylinders and outline the hands. Draw the pelvis in the form of a triangle. Outline the legs in the same way that we drew the arms. Then outline the knees and feet.

how to draw a dwarf

Step 3

Silhouette of the dwarf is ready, let’s start adding details. We start doing it from the head. Our dwarf is wearing a helmet, so sketch out the helmet as in our example.

Go down and sketch out the eyes, using the horisontal line, below the eyes draw the nose and sketch out the mouth. Note, that the nose of dwarf is shorter and wider than a usual nose. Then sketch out the beard, note, that it has to be very long and wide.

how to draw a dwarves

Step 4

We continue our step by step drawing lesson on how to draw a dwarf. In this step we will finish the parts of the head. Draw a couple of lines on the helmet to sketch out the crest. Draw the lower edge of the helmet.

Erase the guidelines from the face, finish the eyes. Draw the nostrils of the nose and lower lip contours. Dwarves often braided their beards in braids. You can draw the same braid as we, or draw a normal beard without braid.

dwarf drawing

Step 5

Here we draw torso of dwarf. As you can see, our dwarf is clearly engaged in a military craft – he is equipped with a weapon for close combat and with a bow for a combats in great distance. In addition, our dwarf dressed in heavy armor. Thus sketch big shoulder guards, straps on the chest and waist, protection for the pelvis and legs. Next, using light lines draw the bow, battle-ax and shield.

learn how to draw a dwarf warrior

Step 6

We are already at the finish line on drawing tutorial on how to draw a dwarf warrior. Here is very simple step, in which we will clean drawing. Remove all unnecessary guidelines that we drew in the initial steps. Circle the final lines, making them more expressive and crisp. Add some details, such as lines on the armor, extra belts, bags. Do not forget to circle the lines of the fingers.

how to draw a dwarf warrior from dungeons and dragong

Step 7

Ok, now we will draw the final touche and add shadows. Draw chain mail on the torso and below the waist, with a simple cross-hatching. Draw boards on the shield with simple straight lines. With curved lines draw a pattern of the wood board on the shield. Add rivets to the armor and shield.

Next we will add shadows. Here, as in the previous drawing lessons:

  • First we find the source of light;
  • then add shadows to the areas where light does not fall.

how to draw a dwarf warrior

In this drawing lesson we told you how to draw a dwarf warrior. You like fantasy and RPG genre, is not it? Then do not forget to visit our drawing lessons about the dragon and ogre. Also be sure to share this lesson and subscribe to us on social networks to keep track of updates.


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