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How to Draw a Kasa-Obake

How to draw a Kasa-Obake

As we said in the lesson about a nuppeppo, creatures from Japanese mythology are the most interesting and unusual for us. And that’s why we really want to draw all the important characters from Japanese myths and legends. And in this lesson about how to draw a kasa-obake we’ll show you how to draw an umbrella-monster.


Step 1

The lesson will be very easy, and the first step is also extremely simple. In this step, we need to outline a simple triangle.

How to draw Kasa-Obake

Step 2

Now on the triangle draw a round eye and mouth with a tongue protruding from it. Under the triangle draw the leg using simple lines.

How to draw a japan monster

Step 3

Draw the top tip of the umbrella and the longitudinal lines on the surface of the triangle. Next, draw a pupil in the eye and make the leg more voluminous.

How to draw a character from japan myths

Step 4

Now let’s take care of the details. Carefully draw out ripped outlines of the umbrella, malicious mouth, eye and a long tongue.

Kasa-Obake drawing tutorial

Step 5

In the final step of our lesson about Kasa-Obake, we need to draw lines of the leg (that is very similar to a chicken leg) and remove all unnecessary lines.

How to draw a Kasa-Obake

So, the lesson is over, and you only need to write us your opinion about this lesson and share this lesson with your friends. And also write us, what drawing lesson you would like to see on our site.

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