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How to Draw a Xvart

how to draw a xvart

Greetings dear adventurer! Today DrawingForAll will show you how to draw a xvart. As you know, xvarts or svarts – are fictional creatures from well known Dungeons & Dragons. Besides the tabletop role-playing game you could see these creatures in a lot of computer games, such as Baldur’s Gate.


Step 1

We start with a stickman – such a figure, made of lines and circles. It needed to indicate the main proportions and position of the character on the paper. Draw the head in the shape of a circle. Draw the head in the shape of a circle. Sketch out the lines of the shoulders, spine, arms and legs.

how to draw a xvart

Step 2

Draw the intersecting lines on the face. Draw the torso that tapers to the waist. Then sketch out the shoulders in the shape of circles and arms in the shape of cylinders. Sketch out the hands and morning star in the left hand. Next sketch out the legs in the shape of cylinders and feet.

how to draw a xvart step by step

Step 3

Here we start drawing the face of the xvart. Start with the eyes, which located right in the horizontal line of the face. Below the eyes draw the nose and mouth. At the end of this step draw large pointed ears and long chin.

how to draw dungeons and dragons

Step 4

Erase all unnecessary guidelines from the head. Draw out the lines of the face. Add some wrinkles to the face and draw two teeth on protruding from under the lower lip.

how to draw dnd

Step 5

Draw the details on the torso. Draw out the straps on the torso and fabric with a lot of folds. Note that you can draw any other clothing or armor.

how to draw a xvart from d&d

Step 6

Draw out the arms. First draw the shoulder armor. Then draw the muscles of the arms, such as deltoids, biceps, muscles of the forearms. Next draw the hands and morning star with a lot of spikes. (by the way, precisely because of these spikes this weapon called a morning star)

how to draw monsters from dnd

Step 7

Draw out the fabric hanging down from the belt. Then draw out the muscles of the legs, knee armor and fabric coiled around the shins.

xvart drawing

Step 8

Add a few wrinkles to the face and hair on temples. Add shadows. Usie light hatching for the halfones and more thick hatching for darker shadows.

how to draw a xvart

Here we came to an end of this journey in the world of drawing, but you can visit other our drawing lessons about fantasy, such as lessons about minotaur, skeleton-warrior or wizard.

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