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How to Draw a Pineapple

Pineapple drawing

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is on the shelves of almost all countries all over the world. In this lesson you will learn how to draw a pineapple. This drawing lesson will help you to cope with this task easily, even if you are drawing quite recently.


Step 1

First of all, we outlines of the pineapple in the shape of a usual oval, the top of which will be slightly narrower than the bottom.

How to draw a pineapple

Step 2

Draw the foliage at the top of the pineapple, connecting with the fruit. Use light lines to sketch out the foliage.

How to draw a pineapple step by step

Step 3

Now sketch out the intersecting lines on the surface of the pineapple, also using very light lines.

Learn how to draw a pineapple

Step 4

Now with the help of very short curved lines we draw the scaly structure of the pineapple.

How to sketch a pineapple

Step 5

Now draw out the foliage. Lateral leaves should be tilted to the sides, and the central looking up.

Pineapple drawing tutorial

Step 6

And now finish the pineapple drawing adding of shadows on the uneven surface of the fetus and the removing the auxiliary lines.

How to draw a pineapple

The team of the drawingforall.net showed how to draw a pineapple. But as you understand, this is not the only fruit that you can learn to draw, because we already have thousands of different drawing lessons, among which there is a huge amount of lessons about fruits.

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