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How to Draw a Man for Beginners

how to draw a man from any angle

In today’s drawing tutorial we are going to draw a man. This drawing lesson is simpler than previous tutorials, because it is very basic, contains no complicated parts, shadows, and is created by us for you to have fixed proportions of the human body.
To make the lesson was most informative for you, we have decided to draw a man from three different angles. Let’s get down to the tutorial on how to draw a man for beginners


Step 1

First, consider the growth of our man – this parameter will be the same on all three angles. Recall, that the growth of an adult man is equal to the length of about 7 heads. As we have said, we draw a man from three different angles. First, draw the head – as you can see, it is drawn in a shape of an oval, or an inverted egg. Next, draw the neck – it looks like a simple line, as well as the spine. In the same way draw the shoulders, arms, and legs. We remind you that all the lines in this step should be very light.

how to draw a man

Step 2

Now let’s add volume to the stickman, to get the silhouette. The neck looks from all angles as a short cylinder, which is mounted to the head. Then draw a torso, which is similar to a modified cylinder. Try to emphasize the curves of the back, waist, and chest. The arms look like elongated cylinders. The groin area looks like a triangle. Legs – as well as the arms, look like cylinders. Notice that they taper in the area of ​​the knee and shins.

Yes, do not forget to mark the lines of the face (the horizontal line of the eyes and the vertical line of symmetry) on the first image. Also sketch out the lines of the hair, nose, and mouth.

how to draw a human

Step 3

Sketch out the haircut and eyes, as well as the nose and mouth, and do not forget about the eyebrows.  Please note that the hairstyle looks different from each angle. Also here you can see some rules the facial proportions: the upper tip of the ear is in the same plane as the eyebrows, and the bottom – with the tip of the nose. Look at the third angle, and you will not get confused.

how to draw a man from three angles

Step 4

Draw the outlines of his shirt, it should be wide open in front. Note that the shirt is loose-fitting. Jeans gently follow the contours of the legs – very narrow in the area of ​​the knee and expanding in the area of the lower legs. Do not forget to add folds to a shirt and jeans.

how to draw a man for beginners

Step 5

Now we draw the facial features, and the clothes on the whole body of our character. Erase all guidelines, that we drew in the first steps. Drawing must be clear and crisp, as in our example. Once you have removed all unnecessary lines, add a few details such as folds of fabric, shoelaces, and stitching on clothing.

how to draw a man

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  1. Worked great followed directions exactly. turned out with a masterpiece

  2. Your tutorials are really so helpful my drawing ability is improving But I have problem with body parts proportions for example I draw the head bigger in proportion to body is there any tutorial of you about that? I will really grateful to you

    1. You have to use the size of the head to measure the other parts of the body. The body has a height of 8/7 heads.

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