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How to Draw a Smurf

how to draw a smurf

Hello! Today we tell you how to draw a representative of the blue-skinned people, and we’re not talking about the avatar. We will show you how to draw a Smurf. The Smurfs – are fictional forest people, created by fantasy artist Pierre Culliford. It is said that Pierre came up with the Smurfs, one day when his car stalled in the forest. Artist, waiting means of escape, went for a walk in the woods, and, examining the mushrooms, he imagined that within them can live the representatives of the fairy people.


Step 1

First, let’s make a schematic figure image. We will only use sticks and circles. Note that the head and legs are flattened, and his hands look like normal balls.

how to draw a smurf

Step 2

When the stickman ready, you can sketch out facial features and contours of the cap on his head. Note that the eyes are very similar to an inverted eight, and ears are located significantly below eye level.

how to draw a smurf step by step

Step 3

Now we draw the arms and hands. They should be round and large. Phalanges of the fingers (except the thumb) very closely located to each other. Very similar to the hands of Mickey Mouse and Goofy, by the way.

smurf drawing

Step 4

The head and the torso are almost finished, we are coming to the completion of the lesson on how to draw a Smurf. It now remains only the lower part of the torso and legs. We can say that this is the easiest step of all, because here you only need to draw the line of the pands and draw out the feet.

learn how to draw a smurf

Step 5

Let erase extra guidelines from the head, draw out final facial contours. Do not forget to draw the pupils in the eyes of the Smurf and paint out the mouth.

smurf drawing tutorial

Step 6

We perform the same steps as in the previous stage, but with the lower part of the torso and legs – erase the guides and draw out the lines. Add some contrasting shadows as in our example.

how to draw a smurf

Our drawing lesson on how to draw a Smurf is over. If you want to learn how to draw better share this drawing lesson, subscribe to our social networks, and write your opinion in the comments to this article.

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