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How to Draw a Wizard

How to Draw a Wizard

Hello! In today’s drawing tutorial we have decided to touch on the theme of classic fantasy. In this lesson we will show you how to draw a wizard. Such a wizard you can see in many RPGs, such as Dungeons & Dragons.


Step 1

Let’s start with stickman. Our hero is an elderly wizard, however, it does not look crooked or feeble. Therefore, you can use the drawing rules of the adult male proportions. Here we see a typical 7.5-head figure with broad shoulders (much wider than pelvis).

So, first sketch out the head, in a shape of an oval. Then draw the line of the spine, shoulders, arms and legs. Lines should be simple and very light.

Pay attention to the left arm of wizard – because of the angle it looks small. Here we denote facial lines – vertical will indicate facial symmetry, and the horizontal shows the position of the eyes.

How to Draw a Wizard


Step 2

Now will be very intense step. Sketch out the torso. As you can see, the torso looks like a cylinder, tapering downward. Note, that the torso is not very muscular, but not decrepit. Using a pair of circles draw the shoulders. Then arms – they consist of upper arms, forearms, hands. Please note, the arms should be moderately thin.

Mark up the pelvis as an inverted triangle. Legs, in the same way as the arms are divided into three main sections – the thighs, lower legs and foot. Thighs gradually narrow to the knees. Shins first widen in the middle, and then narrow to the ankles.how to draw a Wizard step by step


Step 3

Excellent. Now is the time to draw the contours of the cape of our wizard. It fixed by a pair of buckles on the sides of the chest and then diverges towards the shoulders and armpits, forming a figure similar to a butterfly. Draw the edges of the cape using long and slightly curved lines. Behind the shoulders draw the outlines of the hood and add folds to it.

how to draw a mage


Step 4

This step is necessary to carry out carefully. In this step we draw the details of the face of wizard. Actually, now we mark the contours of the eyes, nose, mustache and beard. Do not forget also about the lines that denote the cheekbones.

how to draw a wizard from dungeons and dragons


Step 5

Now that we have prepared the silhouette of our wizard, you can begin to detail. We will add details from the head to the feet, starting, of course, from the face.

So, circle the contours of the nose, draw a few vertical wrinkles above the eyes. Also, add some wrinkles under the eyes and the sides of the eyes. Draw the ears, not forgetting that their top tips should coincide with the eyebrows, and the bottom – with the tip of the nose. During drawing beard need to remember one more rule – the hair should be drawn from the roots to the tips.

wizard drawings


Step 6

We continue the drawing lesson, in which there is a speech about how to draw a wizard. In this step we draw the upper torso, arms and staff. This is not as difficult as it seems. First draw items of clothing on the torso that are strapped by ropes.

Then draw the bracers, draw the contours of the sleeves and add some folds to them. Draw the hands – the right hand holds the staff, and the left hand radiates magical energy. By the way – draw the magic energy, using uneven and ragged lines. Then draw the staff (very similar to a spear from this drawing lesson).

wizard drawings step by step


Step 7

In this step, we will add the details of the lower torso and legs. First, you must draw a large round buckle belt, underneath – projecting triangular section of the cloth. Do not forget to draw the edges of the fabric of the wizard’s robe. Draw the shoes of the wizard, adding a couple of folds. At the end of this step, add elements of appearance, such as the dagger and bag with scrolls.

draw a wizard


Step 8

And now we impose shadows. To do this, cover the shaded areas by hatching of different intensity (more intense – the thicker the shadow). It is necessary to add shadows on those areas on which the light does not falls. The most shaded areas, as you can see is the inside of the cloak, beard and internal parts of garments. Also, remove all unnecessary touches the lines, if any remain.

How to Draw a Wizard


Drawing tutorial on how to draw a wizard came to an end. If you have not subscribed to our pages in social networks – do it, order not to miss the new drawing lessons.


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