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How to Draw Werewolf

how to draw werewolf
Hello everyone, today we have decided to add to our lessons somewhat primitive mysticism and horror and write a tutorial about how to draw a werewolf. So, let’s start the lesson!


Step 1

At first draw a stickman – a man, made of lines and circles. Using an oval draw the outlines of the head. Using lines draw the guidelines for the spine, hands and legs. Use light and smooth lines for sketching in the first steps. Please note that the proportions of the werewolf is not particularly different from human proportions (for example as in the lesson on how to draw a doctor).

how to draw werewolf


Step 2

At this step we start adding volume to the werewolf. But first draw the lines of the facial symmetry. Draw the vertical line, which shows us the center of the face. The longest horizontal line will help us to draw the eyes. Below the line draw two lines – for the nose and mouth. Using triangles sketch out the ears at the top of the head. Using ovals sketch out the shoulders and elbows. Using cylinders sketch out the arms. Draw the outlines of the hands, as in our example, and move to the next step.

how to draw werewolf step by step


Step 3

In this step of the lesson on how to draw a werewolf, we add volume to the legs. Using cylinders draw the thighs and shins. Note, that the length of the thighs and shins are equal. Using circles draw the knees. Draw the feet as in the example below. The general shapes of the werewolf are ready, and from the next step, we will start to add detail.

how to draw werewolf with a pencil


Step 4

At this step of the tutorial on how to draw werewolf we will draw the infernal and beastly face. Using the horizontal line of the facial symmetry draw the eyes. Please note that the eyes should be small and narrow. Below the eyes draw the nose in the shape of the letter “T”. Draw unnaturally big beastly mouth. Using short strokes draw the hair around the face.

how to draw werewolf


Step 5

At this step we will draw the details on the face of the werewolf. Using two thick curved lines draw the brows above the eyes. Add wrinkles to the face, that make the face more evil and beastly. Draw the triangular teeth in the mouth, as in our example.

werewolf drawing


Step 6

At this step we draw the mane of the werewolf. Using lines of the different sizes draw the texture of the hair. The lines of hair should be close enough to each other. Also do not forget that the hair lines must be drawn from the roots to the tips. Circle the lines of the ears as in our example below, and move to the next step.

how to draw werewolf step by step


Step 7

This step is very simple. In this step we draw the lines of the torso. Using two long and curved lines draw the pectoral muscles. Draw the line of the skinny belly as in the example below. Add a little more hair, that lay on my shoulder.

werewolf drawings


Step 8

At this step in the lesson on how to draw werewolf, we will draw the hands. The hands should be pretty thin and sinewy. Note that the hands should look like a human but longer and disproportionate. Draw the lines of the muscles of the hands as in the example below. Add hair to the hands. Draw the long fingers and knuckles.

learning to draw


Step 9

Erase the guidelines from the legs. Draw the lines of the thighs and shins. Draw the knees as in the example below. Using short lines draw the hair on the shins. Draw the feet as in the example below. Draw the joints of the feet and long toes.

learn how to draw


Step 10

At this step in the lesson on how to draw werewolf we will add shadows. First, determine where the source of the light. In this lesson the light comes from the top. Add shadows using light and loose hatching. In the darkest areas, add another layer of shading.

how to draw werewolf

It was the drawing lesson on how to draw werewolf step by step. If this tutorial was interesting and informative for you, subscribe to us on the social networks. Visit drawingforall.net for new drawing lessons, goodbye!


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